NewFlash for SlashFlash

Today news comes in. During Kita Marks morning run, the singer of SlashFlash, we discovered how she enjoys her sports. So girls if you want to be like her you better start running.

Also She was suspossedly nice to a young girl who she stopped to give an autograph and she also got a number off one of the guys who said "I just hope she calls".

We tried to Stop El Andrews on her visit to the shop but she just said no comment. And guess what guys and girls here El's new guitat style not sure if Sam has changed his yet.

Oh, speaking of Sam. Girls you might be out of luck as we caught Sam and Kita two of the band members exiting the gym together. They also shared the same ride home on Sam's bike in.... close contact.

Love or not? We've yet to find out. This is the band SlashFlash's lastest report. Keep loving the band people. We are sure to have some more news soon.

This report was written by Danielle Winters.

The End

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