Kita: FightMature

"No, fair" I say sitting down in the corner of the ring.

"I didn't cheat" Sam says sitting down next to me. He grabs his water bottle and takes a long drink before offering it to me. I take it finishing it off.

My breathing is heavy and I feel my body is sweaty and sticky. Sam gets to his feet.

"We should get back its been 3 hours" he says jumping out of the ring. I slip through landing on my feet.

He grabs his top and pulls it on. God, thats so unfair. Then he gestures the exit. I nod and we begin to head out.

"Think the paparazzi will still be crowding?" he asks.

I laugh. "Of course when do they ever leave us alone" I say shaking my head then smiling at him. He shrugs.

"Point taken" He mutters. We make our way out and he grabs his helmet on the way.

Then when we're outside.

"Run!" Sam shouts in my ear over the noise of the Paps. He grabs my hand tugging me through the crowd till we reach his bike. They back off a bit then.

Sam gets on first and I swing on behind him, wrapping my arms tightly around him and burying my face in the back of his shirt to hide it. He tugs on his helmet and flicks down his visor then revs the engine.

The Paps back off just in time as Sam release the clutch and the motorbike goes zooming down the road once again.

So much for peaceful workouts. When we reach home its not much better but we get into the garage and the door down.

"Enjoy yourselves" El teases.

"No" I mumble heading for the kitchen. "They are literally everywhere"

"You're on the internet" El call through to the kitchen I groan which she laughs at.

I look back to see Sam looking. He blushes then heads off to grab his guitar to begin practicing.

The End

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