Kita: ShootMature

"Shit, Shoot" I yell dodging through the crowd. Then the garaged door slips up slightly.

"Sam!" I shout. He flicks up his visor.

"Get on then" he says shaking his head. I sprint through the crowd and jump on. I wrap my arms tight around him. He flicks his visor down again.

He revs the engine then releases the clutch speeding down the road with ease. I know where he's heading the gym. I don't mind either, at least we'll have peace at the gym.

I mean we get a private suit or what ever we need. Sam pulls into the car park and pulls off his helmet.

I swing myself off and look up at him. I hate that, especially on stage.

"So new thoughts on the paparazzi?" I ask.

"Terror gone bad. God those guys are desperate" He says shaking his head but smiling.

We then begin to head towards the gym. Of course as soon as we enter we're sent straight to the private suit.

Sam moves to the Punch bag. He gets some gloves from somewhere. Don't ask me where they come from. I mean this guy hardly ever carries a bag but he seems to have everything he needs.

This includes a water bottle which he puts off to the side. I move to sit and watch him. He takes off his shirt then begins to box.

"Sooo, I got a guys number today what you think?" I ask leanin forward. I sitting on the weight bench tilting forward.

He flicks a look at me and then goes back to boxing. After a moment he flicks a look at me.

"You want the Paps on your tail go ahead?" he says.

"Oh, did I hear a hint of jelousy" I tease smiling.

"No" he says a bit to quickly. Hmm, why won't he just admit it....... I mean I like him why can't he admit he likes me.

Sigh, boys are one complicated species.

The End

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