Sam Oliver. - The Press.Mature

“Have you seen this?” I roll my eyes at my best mate as he pushes the Saturday paper in front of me. “Ollie, you know I’ve read it. It’s impossible not to when you’re pushing it under my nose every two seconds.” I look at him over my base guitar. From sitting down, Ollie Summers looks tall but he’s only 5”5. I on the other hand am 6”1.


I put my guitar down and stood up grabbing my gym bag and putting on my new trainers. “Hey man, where you going? It’s Saturday.” “Ollie, I’m going to the gym. You’re not going to be alone, Kita will be back soon mate.” He shrugs his bold shoulders, his face sulky, you would believe that he is seventeen; he’s got the mind of a eight year old. “Gotta go. See ya mate.” I turn and the door opens.


A flustered looking El runs in, panting like mad. “Look mate, when we were said that you aren’t as fit as us, we didn’t mean you should nearly kill yourself running to the shops for milk.” She gives me evils. “Ha. Ha. Ha. I. Wasn’t. Trying. To. Get. Fit. The. Press. Is. Everywhere!” I look at Ollie and we burst out laughing. “Poor little El can’t hide from a few little people?” Ollie joked while I shook my head.


“There’s bloody lods out there!” We roll our eyes. I mean, what’s so bad about a little bit of attention? This is fun! “Right, I’m off. Ollie watch El, she’s gone a bit crazy.” “Sam, mate, she went crazy a long time ago.” We’re in stitches now. She slaps Ollie hard on the arm and I dodge as she goes for me. She might be small but this sixteen year old sure has a slap on her. “Shut up man! While you’re legging it away from all those screaming people out there, don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”


I shake my head as I open the door. Seriously, how bad can a group of people be? As soon as I open the door, cameras started flashing and all I can her is screaming, “Bloody hell!” I slam the door shut. There is no way I’m gonna be able to walk out with all of them lot. “Told ya but will you listen nooooo. Because you’re Sam. Never do what anyone says, Sam.”  El and Ollie are sitting on the sofa laughing. “Go take a hike El!” I half run out of the living room, to get to the garage. If I can’t walk out of here, then I’ll ride! I pull off the white sheet and there is. My pride and joy.  My new motto bike!

The End

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