Kita MarksMature

I leg it hard the paparazzi on my heels. I tell you about a week ago my life would have never consisted of this.

Just going out for a gental jog then getting chased down the streets of London. I mean we can't walk to school anymore cause of the paparazzi.

By 'We', I mean me and my band. I turn the corner coming into an alley. I know this path now.

I vault the wall and I hear the paparazzi moan behinds me. I can't help but laugh then I take off at a gental jogged.

Then guess what? Five minutes later a girls runs up to me. "Your Kita Marks" she squeals. I stop before her.

She's about ten I suspect. I look around and see a group of boys walking over a lot older than the girl.

"Sis, don't bother the-" One of the boys begins to say then he looks at me as does his mates and they all gather shocked looks. "Your Kita Marks"

I sigh. "What you want an autograph? I'm trying to get home here" I say annoyed.

I mean this is the seventh time I've been stopped on my mile morning jog.

"Oh my god girl the band rocks" Another guy says.

"Sorry about my sis. I'm Lee" he says. I take his hand in a shake.

"I have to go.... Here" I pull out a pen and my notebook which I've begun to carry all the time.

I sign the sheet and hand it over to the girl. She squeals smiling up at me. "Thank you" she says happily.

I nod then begin to run again. Then one of the boys begins to jog beside me.

"Can you answer one thing?" he asks.

"Sure" I say.

"Are you dating anyone?" he asks. I smile shaking my head and then I finally answer.

"No, I'm not" I say. He smiles.

"Then here" he passes me a piece of paper. "The name's Jake"

I take the paper and slip it in my pocket. "Maybe" I say then speed up leaving him behind. Time to get back home.

I know its Saturday but I really can't wait to practice.

The End

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