A new band steps up and are soon thrown into the terror of the media.
Will this teenage group be able to step up the notch and jump into this new life both feet in?

New band hits the High Streets and Jump into the spotlight

New teen band, SlashFlash, jump into the spotlight. Gathering fans across the united kingdom and a lot more countries.

The band consists of Singer, Kita Marks. Electric guitarist, El Andrews. Base Guitarist, Sam Olivers. And Drummer, Ollie Summers.

So far out research shows that non of the band members are in any serious relationships.

In fact we don't know much with the band members having tight lips and the security of there bungalow.

Thats all we basically know. That the band is heading for the big stage, that non of them are in a serious relationship and that they all live together in there new stylish bungalow.

This report was written by Danielle Winters.

The End

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