Being Locked Up

It had been hell being locked up day and night. I had once tried to go out but a search party had almost saw me and Tamlin said we werent ever going to do that again without being prepared.

I didnt like being locked up. The vixen inside me began to feel like a caged animal even though I spent days in that form when Tamlin had to work over night.

So as we made are way to the pub, a part of this place I actually knew I couldnt stop the skip in my step even with the heavy weight on my shoulder. Tamlin smile leading me to the tavern taking what I presummed to be the back road.

He looked shifty and couldnt stop looking around. I put a hand on his cheek in a soothing gesture just as we reach the tavern. When we enter the tavern I notice Tamlin's friends. Fin and Robert are sat at the bar and I frown when I see a girl perched in Fin's lap. "Does he always have a girl hanging over him?" I ask Tamlin.

"He's the worst ladies man I know" Tamlin say with a nod.

"And yet we manage to put up with him somehow" Robert says turning to me. "I'm Robert"

I look at Tamlin unsure whether I should say my full name or not. Tamlin nod. "Persephone" I say quietly looking back at Robert.

"Nice to meet you. This is Fin" Robert says gesturing to the other guy who looks round suddenly. A grin slip on to his face.

"You wanna come join me and... what was your name again?" Fin says getting a hard well earned slap from the girl who then saughters off. I step closer to Tamlin feeling a bit scared by this overconfident male.

"Fin" Tamlin says warning thick in his voice.

"I'm kidding. I'm kidding" Fin says.

"How is that funny?" I ask confused looking up at Tamlin knowing my face will fall fully into the light.

"He has a strange sense of humor. You'll get use to it" he says sitting down next to Robert. I jump into Tamlin's lap snuggling closely and resting my head on his shoulder. "Do you want to tell them or should I?" he whispers. I blush a bright pink remaing silence hoping he'll get the drift.

Tamlin kisses my cheek softly and strangely I start to become quite sleepy. "Robert, Fin, there is something we need to tell you?" he says getting their attention. "Persephone's.... Well, we're having a baby"

Somewhere between the smiles on their faces and them getting up to congratulate us I fall into a deep sleep.

When I wake its to Tamlin carrying me in his arms heading home. At first he doesnt notice and I'm content to watch his face. Then I cant stop the yawn and Tamlin smiles down at me. "Hey"

"I want nom noms" I mutter in my sleepiness.

"Nom noms? Really?" Tamlin says with a laugh. I pout and thanks to the sleepy eyes I look up at him with big doe eyes. He chuckles and carries me to a hot food stall. "What do you want?"

"Anything" I say yawning again. He gets me something and I open out my hands waiting. He hands it over and I jump down from his arms munching into the food.

"We have to go" Tamlin suddenly says quietly and I look at him confused. He then gestures to the patrol and I feel fear strike through me. I walk close to Tamlin as we move away.

"Hey, you two! Stop for some questions please" a patroller calls. I feel panic. Extreme terrifying panic. This wasnt a good idea. How could I of been so stupid? Tamlin takes my head continuing to walk along casually. I try to follow his lead. "Hey, I said stop!"

Again Tamlin ignores him and I hear running footsteps. I feel like my heart stops beating for a second. "Run" Tamlin says and we do.

We run through alleys and around taking a weird route before heading to the house. What was I thinking?

The End

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