I've really ran away...

I felt cold but warm. There was a body pressed against mine and I knew who it was. I didnt want to open my eyes. I wanted to remain sleeping next to him forever. Wait, where are we? I bolt up into a sitting potion and see the dank room.

Oh, so I really did run away. I feel a fear begin to stir in my heart. Have I made the right choice. Will I be safe here? "What wrong?"

"Oh... Tamlin" I say turning to look at him. "Nothing"

I lie back down feeling the matress creak beneath my body. Tamlin props himself up on his elbow and strokes my hair. I close my eyes with a smile settling on my lips. "Dont let me forget to buy this place back" he says quietly making my eyes flash open.

"What?" I say shocked he's brought me to a place we could easily be kicked out of.

"This was my old place. I figured they wouldn't have sold it again, which they havent" he says.

"Yes but... we could get arrested for this" she says looking scared.

"We wont. The guy who owns this place is a friend of mine"

"One from the bar?" I ask beginning to calm down a little.

He nods. "I'll go speak to him about it later" he says and I calm down. I stroke his cheek and lean up to kiss his lips softly. We continue to kiss and I feel every inch of my skin begin to tingle with heat just like the first time we.... I stopped the thought feeling my heart begin to race quicker.

Tamlin pulls me on top of him and its like the whole world just melts away. Its just me and him in this dark dank room.


When we have finished we lie our bodies still pressed together. Tamlin fiddles and plays with my hair which is relaxing. "Tamlin... do you think we'll have children?" I ask curious.

"Maybe in a few years" he replies. The thought cause me to fall into silence. I mean what if it happens before them. Would that make him not want me? Would this have all been one big mess up. "Why?"

"I was just wondering" I reply. "I've always wanted children"

Tamlin strokes my cheek and I hum at the warming contact. "I'm sure if we do have kids they will be as beautiful as you"

I blush and smile snuggling close to Tamlin.

The End

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