No, I will not

The ride had been comforting and I have travelled back to the house in a daze. Wrong choice. I stepped in through the palor to find my father, Joshua and his father sat down in discussion. When I stepped in they all looked up at me. My father with disapointment and Joshua and his father with annoyance and demanding... demanding affection. They can't demand anything of me.

"Father, Joshua, Mr Caller" I say curtsing and attempting to leave.

"Wait, Persephone" my father calls and I stop turning to face him politely. I cant help but shoot an angry glance at Joshua. "We heard about your... about what happened in the garden and I must insist you marry Joshua"

"W-what?" I stutter in shock. How can my father do this? "I will not father"

"You will, young lady!" My father snaps angrily. "You will marry Joshua or be disowned by me. You can be thrown into the sewers for all I care"

I put a hand over my mouth holding back the sobs. "Your life would be wonderful with my son" Mr Caller adds. I gain back my breath.

"I would not, sit, cause I do not love him" I say harshly then run away. I race to my room where I lock the door. I slump onto my bed and cry. This can not be happening. Someone please tell me this is not happening.

A small knock on the door stirs me I look at it before curling up again on my bed. "Stepphie?" Ellie calls through. The door nob rattles. "Stepphie, dont make me fetch the key"

I still dont reply and I hear her sigh. She mumbles annoyed as she walks off. She's back soon enough slipping the key into the lock and stepping through. She looks across at me and I look at her through all my tears. "I can't, Ellie" I sniffle.

She moves over and sits on the edge of the bed. "I know you love him, Stepphie, but you need to marry Joshua for your future"

"I cant" I sniffle.

"You can"

"I can't" I snap. She looks at me confused then realisation slowly begins to dawn on her face. A look of horror and disgust. She pulls away from me. "Ellie?"

She gets up and begins to leave. I scramble to my feet and try to get to the door before she locks me in from the other side. I dont reach the door in time and pound my fist against it. I feel my face pale and I grab the charm of the necklace Tamlin gave me gripping it tightly.

This cant be happening. This cant be happening so soon so fast. I pace and then the door open. Not to the sight of Ellie but my mother and she's angry. Ellie is hidden behind her and I glare at her. "How dare you disgrace our family?" My mother snaps. Her hand comes across my face, her nails slicing a perfect cut across my cheek. I fall back onto the floor.

"I love h-" I start but my mother slaps me again before I can finish.

"You are a whore, Persephone. You will marry Joshua and this disgrace to our family will not, I repeat, will not be heard of" her voice is like ice and each word is a dagger to my soul.

"I will not!" I shout back. Then my mother kicks me.

"You will" she growls. "You may not leave this room"

Then they leave locking the door behind them. I begin to cry my body hurting all over. I curl up shaking and thats when I hear the knock on the balcony doors.

The End

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