Marry me and be Mrs Caller

I was almost hyper for the rest of the day. I threw myself into my studies knowing if I got the work done quicker it mean a longer and earlier break. "Has something happened?" Mrs Perry, her tutor, had asked. I let a smile break across my face.

"I'm extremely happy today is all" I had replied. Now? I was racing out of the libary, where I had to return my books on the 19th century, and was heading for the lawn. Guess who though was to spoil my excitement?

Yes, Joshua Caller stepped into the hallway ahead of me. I came to a stop a metre away from him. He continued to give me a heart warming smile and, unable to deny the horrible physical attraction I had for this monster, my heart fluttered. Throwing away this feeling I stood straight and looked up at Joshua with a strong attitude to frighten away even the bravest of men. "Miss Archer" he said bowing.

I felt sick at the fact that was still believed to be my name. I wasn't. I was Persephone Archer Vale now. I was unable to drop my family name it being a sky name. "Joshua" I replied with a nod of my head. He stood straight once again.

"Would you accompany me outside for a moment?"

I stopped my eyes from narrowing with suspision and gave a curt nod. He held out his arm and I ignored it watching the smile flutter across his lips. Side by side, a fair distance apart, we headed outside.

"I.." Joshua stopped with a small laugh. "I need to discuss something with you, Persephone"

"And what is that?" I asked. My name felt wrong coming from his lips. He stopped and I did to. He turned to face me and with a smile he answered my question with one word.

"Marriage" I froze. "You know both our father's expect this right"

"They can expect all they want" I say. "I do not know you well enough or.... like you enough to breech this topic"

Joshua looked at me wide eyed. "You are.... turning me down?" he questioned. I nodded and looked away from his utterly shocked face.

"I have no desire to be your wife, Joshua" I say calmly.

"Your father will be very displeased with you" Joshua whispers his voice showing obvious anger.

"He cannot force my choice" I say then look a Joshua. "Goodbye, Mr Caller"

For a moment Joshua just watched me before heading back inside. I knew I'd made the right choice for me and Tamlin but.... what were the consequences to be?

The End

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