My lips felt horrible. Well, they were the same but the fact I'd even allowed Joshua's to touch mine. I shiver. I sit at the gazebo looking round with a board sigh. What was happening? My life was getting so screwed up. I pulled the medallion out of my pocket. Would he like it? It was silver and had a rose on one side a vixen on the other. A coin medallion. Gosh, I hoped he'd like it.


My head shoots up. "Tamlin!" I sing, my lips unable to stop the smile that bursts out upon them. He smiles back and I can't stop smiling. I quickly hide the hand clutching the medallion behind my back. "I, uh, what are you doing here?"

"I have something for you" he says.

"Really? Me too" I say blushing. He hands over a necklace box contain a beautiful silver necklace with a charm of a pearl on a leaf then a box of chocolates.

"Sorry its not much"

"Oh, Tamlin" I gasp placing them on the bench and throwing my arms around him. "Thank you" I whisper.

"I would've gotten you a ring if I knew your ring size" he says.

"I would've never been able to wear that. This is perfect" I tell him kissing him sweetly. He kisses back and I pull away seeing him smile. I press the medallion into his hand and blush. "I didn't buy this it was made for me ages ago"

He looks at it before replying, "Thank you. I shall treasure it" I hold him tightly enjoying the closeness. He begins to play with my hair and it feels right... perfect. Oh how could I of let Joshua kiss me? I sigh content. "Anymore new's about your father's plans for you and Joshua?"

I freezen feeling the colour drain from my face as Tamlin tilts his head at my reaction. I bury my face in his chest hoping he won't push it further. I feel him kiss the top of my head but I dont move. I feel so lost and out of control. How can I tell him? I can't... I just can't. It hurts too much. I feel his arms around me and relax slightly. "Joshua's not important" I whisper.

Tamlin nods a little and I fall back into silence. What is happening? Why can't I just be happy and be with Tamlin?

The End

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