Father Dear

My life is perfect, I thought as I sat in the window of the libary. I had got away from lessons on the account I was to go to the libary and read. At first I did but my thoughts had trailed away. The book rested against my pulled up knees and I was looking out into the garden. I couldn't see the stables from here which was a pity but I felt as if I could.

I can imagine Tamlin brushing the smooth silky coats of the matter black and white horse. His eyes beautiful and him looking ruffled with the few hours of work he'd done already. "Stepphie.." My eyes snapped open at Ellie's soft whisper.

I looked at her with a tilt of my head. "Yes, Ellie?" I question rising to my feet. I place the book back on the shelf then stretch my limbs. Ellie waits silently till I face her.

"Your father asks for you to come to the parlour. The Caller's are here" she says calmly. I flinch and Ellie watches with a frown. "Its starting to look unavoidable. You're going to have to marry him soon probably"

"I can't" I whisper folding my arms across my chest and looking at the floor. The vows I had made last night tumbling through my head.

"Love isn't a good enough reason, Stepphie" Ellie replies calmly. Of course she doesn't know the full extent. Only me, Tamlin and Carnavie do. "Lets head to the parlour shall we?"

I nod and follow her. I find my body feeling heavy as I step into the parlour. Joshua's eyes fall upon me the moment I enter and I can see the desire in them. So thick and easy to see. "Ah, there you are" my father says holding out an arm. I go to his side and he wraps his arm round my shoulders. He turns to face another man slightly older but around his age. "This is my daughter"

"Nice to meet you, Persephone" the man, Mr Caller I can only pressume, says.

"Nice to meet you too, Mr Caller"

"It is so nice to here about you and my son getting on well"

"He is nothing but a gentleman" I say with a polite nod at Joshua who smiles back.

"Pesephone herself is nothing but polite and curtious towards me. I have no dislike of her in fact quite the opposite" his words are bold and frighten me but my father and his just laugh.

"It is nice to hear you are fond of each other" Mr Caller says. I feel panic strike through me but keep it off my face.

"Father" I say capturing his attention. "I have lessons to attend"

"Ah, of course. You may go, Persephone" he says. I curtsy to both Joshua and his father and leave the room. Oh no, what is happening?

The End

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