Earth and Sky

Bang! Bang! Bang! I bolt up in bed. Where is that noise coming from? Another knock on the door and I realise. Tamlin jumps and I stare wide eyed. "Stepphie! Why is your door locked?"

Tamlin curses searching for his shirt. "Just under thre bed" I tell him remember where is fell last night. I begin to make myself presentable but not changing my bedhead. I notice in the corner of my eye Tamlin pulling on his shirt not bothering with the buttons. I run over and kiss him before pushing him towards the balcony. He grins before sneaking out and climbing down. I race back over to the door and unlock it opening to find a very annoyed Ellie.

"Hi" I say with a nervous smile.

"Why was your door locked?" she asks stepping in me closing the door behind her. I shrug.

"I wanted some alone time" I say which is when I turn to face her. She looks at me eyebrow raised. "Honest"

She sighs. "Lets get you dressed then"


I sneak into the small worship room closing and locking the door behind me. Carnavie turns as I enter and smiles. "Are you okay, Persephone?" she asks as I make my way over.

"I need to ask you a favour" I whisper walking over. Her face goes grim. The smile having fallen off her lips.

"I thought we'd agreed-"

"I'm not going to reveal you, Carnavie. I'm asking the favour as a friend" I say grasping her hands in mine. "I am wanting to be wed to a man who will never be approved by my family, soceity or nearly everyone around me"

Carnarvie gasps her eyes widening. "You mean... you can't mean..... Persephone, when did this happen"

"The masquerade ball" I whisper. Carnavie's head droops.

"Look, I want earthen's to be equal but what you're asking..."

I step back. "It's okay, Carnavie... I was just hoping....." I whisper trailing off. Carnavie sighs as I begin to leave.

"Persephone, wait!" I stop turning to face her. "I'll do it but only when there's no chance of getting caught. Tonight when the moon shines"

I nod smiling brightly. "Thank you, Carnavie" I whisper then race out heading for the stables.

The End

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