I walked into my father's study head high knowing what he wanted to talk about. "You asked to see me, father?" I say politely.

"Yes, you must know Joshua had to leave cause of family buisness but I am slightly annoyed youn left him to care for your horses" my father says the same look of discust on his face Joshua had. Horses were animals of the earth and if not part of a shifters form were seriously disliked.

"It was urgent father I need to get the horses out more often or it will harm their health" I say calmly.

"Yes, anyway" my father says and I notice him rolling his eyes. "I want to talk to you about marrying Joshua"

I choke and can't help but begin coughing."Sorry, father, but... I hardly even know him" I say my eyes slightly wide.

"This is not about love, Persephone. This is about what is best for your future and about responsibility" My father says coming to stand in front of me. He takes my face between his hand looking into my eyes. "At least think about it, Persephone. This could give you a great future"

I hold back the tears I know are rising. "I will, father" I whisper. He nods pulling away and clasping his hands together.

"Then lets go eat"

What am I doing? I love Tamlin, someone who I shouldn't and I'm promising a thing to my father that I can't keep.


"You promised him what?!?" Ellie hisses.

"That I would think about marrying Joshua" I whisper as I wash my face with a cold flannel.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you in love with the stable boy?" Ellie says with a raised eyebrow. I dip the flannel and my hands back into wash bowl.

"I don't know what I should do Ellie. I can't say no to my father but I can't..... I can't leave Tamlin" I whisper.

"How about this you marry Joshua and forget all about Tamlin"

"Ellie" I gasp in shock.

"I'm serious, Stepphie. This could be whats best. You don't want to end up like Romeo and Juiliet with their forbidden love and tragic end" Ellie says sighing. I look into the water and don't speak for a while.

"I wish to sleep" I mutter leaving the bathroom into my bedroom. I turn to face Ellie who stands looking in pain.

"Of course, m'lady" she whispers then leaves. Why? Why is everyone telling me I'm doing the wrong thing and Joshua is the right thing. Oh, Tamlin. I bury my face in my hands then the ratta tat tat on the balcony doors comes.

The End

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