Being an Archer is hell sometimes...

I slept peacefully. I had felt guilt and pain when I heard about Tamlin's past. Then.. freedom when he excepted my vixen form. He even called it beautiful which made my heart race. He was it.. he was the one.... and I hadn't got the chance to tell him.

I was nervous and then Ellie had to just come along giving me an escape. I had wanted to return his feelings but.... what if it didn't work? I didn't want my heart broken. I was musing through this as I sat at the table with my mother. Wait, just my mother. I found myself looking around. "Where's dad?" I asks my eyes finally resting on his empty seat.

"Well..." my mother said with a smile putting down her spoon taking her napkin and dabbing her mouth before putting it back down. She gave me a full on smile. "We have a guest with us today. The son of Sir Caller"

It hit my like a splash of cold water and I knew my mother noticed me flinching back. She frowned and I grabbed my drink of orange taking a big swig. "Well, I hope he's feeling welcome" I say keeping it polite convorsation.

"Persephone" my mother says making me look at her. "We are hoping" she continues, "that you would..."

"I don't know him mother" I whisper knowing what she is surgesting having known from the moment she mentioned the Caller's.

"Well, you will. Come now. Its about time we go and introduce our selves" my mother says rising. I flinch hiding my emotions behind a mask of calmness on my face. I follow her into the palour where my father and a young gentleman sit across from one another. My mother quickly moves to take the seat next to my father.

The guest rises to take my mothers outstretched hand while she introduces herself. I stand at the door hesitant when my father shoots me a look. "Come in, Persephone" he says calmly but I hear the command. I move over to Sir Caller's son.

"Nice to meet you" I say with a curtsie. "I am Persephone Archer"

"Joshua Caller" the gentleman says with a bow. "It is nice to meet such a fine young lady" I almost blush but then I realise that would surgest intrest I do not have.

"No, the pleasure's ours" my mother adds in. "Take a seat, Persephone"

"I'm sorry mother, father but I am in need of fresh air I was going to take a walk after breakfast this morning. Its been so long"

"Well, then let Joshua here accompany you" my father instructs. I wince inside knowing I will not be able to see Tamlin now.

"If he wants to father" I say with a bow of my head.

"I would love to" Joshua says offering his arm. My parents shoot glances and I place my hand on Joshua's arm only to please them. This is dreadful. It can't be happening.

The End

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