Don't get caught

"Stepphie!" Ellie's voice rang out. I pulled my lips and my body away from Tamlin in shock. He bites his lip as he lets go of me. Ellie comes walking into the room and one look at Tamlin, she knows whats been going on. "Oh.... Stepphie.." she sighs.

I notice Tamlin blush. "I should.." he begins trailing off.

"You should get some brains" Ellie tells hims rolling her eyes before facing me. "Are you as dumb as a flee? You can get caught here!"

Tamlin bites his lip and I shrug with a nervous smile on my lips. "Come on, its food time anyway" Ellie says with a sigh. She shoots a glare at Tamlin as she takes my hand pulling me out of the stables. I feel an ache in my heart looking at Ellie with pleading eyes. "Quickly" she complies. I smile and race back into the stables to give Tamlin a quick kiss before racing out once again but I did notice the grin on his lips. Ellie rolls her eyes and we head toward the house once again.


I have to change for dinner time and I go down in my knee-length, bell skirt dress. Its a sapphire blue which hints at the blue in my golden brown eyes. I went through dinner's formalities.

"I hired a stable boy today" my head shoots up at the sound of my fathers voice speaking with my mother. He notices I've looked up and smiles at me. "He seems to be doing well according to Fredrick"

I nod and look back at my food finding myself zoning out for the rest of the convosation but also waiting for a mention of me or anything. Luckily there isn't and I head to my room silently. I pace and find myself wandering out onto the balcony for some fresh air. I lean against the balcony wall and bury my hands in my face. What am I going to do?

I mean I can't stop loving Tamlin but this thing... between us. Its going to be the end for both of us. "It's rude of me to raise my voice to a lady but are you okay?" I look up to see Tamlin still working in the stables. I smile.

"One moment!" I call back before racing to change into some better clothes which by it I mean some jeans and a tight top. I come back out flipping off my balcony wall landing on my feet in a crouch. I hear Tamlin chuckle and I turn to face him with a smile. I tilt my head with a blush rising on my cheeks. He returns my smile and I gesture to the gazebo which I know is out of sight of the house.

Tamlin nods and I head towards knowing he will follow. I slump into a seat once I reach it leaning forward to rest my arms on my legs. Tamlin stays stood up. "Are you okay?"

"No, I'm in love with someone in a romance that would get me killed. I also know hardly anything about you" I say looking up at him.

"There's not much to know" he says blushing and looking at his feet. I stand up slipping my hands into his and entwining our fingers.

"What animal do you shift to?"

"I...I don't"

"Oh..." I say with a wince ".... I forgot"

My eyes look at the collar. Now I remember why its so damn hard for us to talk. To be together... even simply.

The End

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