What am I doing?

I felt an ache in my chest as I walked all the way home. The ache overwhelmed the soreness of my feet and ache in my legs. I would of turned to my Vixen form if it didn't have the risk of me being spotted. I reached my home and snuck round back. I threw back the hood of my cloak and climbed up the tree with ease. Thank you, father, for having the desensy of allowing me to have active lessons instead of just a normal high class education. I snuck into my room threw the french doors and quickly pulled off my boots and cape hiding them beneath my bed under a floorboard.

One look at them and I'd be caught for sure. I had to make the chances of my parents knowing small otherwise I'd be grounded. I'd probably be grounded anyway for skipping classes but with me having a private tutor I'd have a short grounding.

If they discovered I'd gone down to what my class call the sewer town.... they would be furious. I wouldn't get to leave my room, let alone the house, for at least a year... possibly until I turned 18 where I gained my full rights. Then Ellie stormed into the room and one look on her face told me she was mad. She closed the door and faced me hands on hips.

"You better be thankful I aint addressing your parents with this" she said coldly.

"Huh?" I said using my acting skills to act confused.

"Oh don't you play dumb with me, Stepphie" Ellie snaps then a look at my now sad expression she sighs. "Why, Stepphie? What was so important you'd travel into sewer town?"

"I met a boy" I whisper. "Last night at the party"

"Well, thats great news but why did you g-"

"He's a earthen" I mutter.

"WHAT?!?" I swear a few birds scattered out of their trees in fear in the garden behind me. I, myself, was left wincing with a ringing in my ear. Ellie had begun pacing hands on hips. "Who?" she demanded.

"His name is Tamlin" I said in a whisper. Ellie froze and a panicked look came across her face.

"Oh dear...."

"What?" I asked worried.

"Your.... your father's planing to hire him as a stable boy. I just bumped in to Fredrick going out with a letter and he told me that the master was hiring an earthern boy called Tamlin"

I felt slight joy and couldn't help the smile breaking out on my face. "Oh... but-but... thats marvolous!" I said with excitement.

"Calm, Stepphie. This could end in disator for you"

"Yes but if father hires him he'll be merely in the servents quarters down the stairway at the end of the hall to the left" I say feeling a warmth spread through him.

"You really do like him don't you?" Ellie whispered with a faint smile.

"Yes, I know the cautions but.... I think he might be it for me. I've never... this feeling...." I finished with a sigh.

Ellie smiled. "Okay, I get it. I can't stop you"

"You won't tell anyone will you?" I say panicked taking her hands in mine and looking into her eyes pleadingly.

"No" she says with a shake of her head. "But Stepphie... please, oh, please be careful"

"I will" I say then pull her into my arms unable to stop this joy spreading within me.

The End

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