I felt out of place and the way all the men were masked was confusing. I had been addressed by some of them and stumbling through the crowds I had lost Ellie. The world was spinning and I tripped over my feet to land in the arms of a young gentleman. Having been trained with high education I immediatly noticed the metal collar round his neck.

An earthen boy. Usually I would of recoild in shock but I was captured by the deep green of his eyes. The boy stared back and I was eventually pulled out of the hypnotic state I had been in. I stood up looking at the floor and curtsing. "Sorry" I say with a cringe.

Continuing to stare at me he replied, "Don't worry its fine"

I blushed and pushed a strand of my hair back that had fallen forwards. A sweet slow song comes on. A blush touches the boys cheeks as well. "Would you like to dance?" he asks. I blame my stubborn high birth attitude for my eyes looking at his collar. The glance was quick but not unnoticable. "Sorry, I shouldn't of asked" I feel my heart ache as he begins to turn away.

"I will dance" I blurt out unable to control myself. He turns back a slight smile on his lips which makes my heart jump. He takes my hand and together we move onto the dance floor. I'm hesitant as I place my hand on his shoulder but when I do I feel my other hand automatically clasp his. His free hand slips to my waist and a smile  shows once more on his lips as we begin to dance.

I feel myself relax and calm as we dance. Then when the dance finishes I look up. I didn't realise how close he was but as I look up my lips brush his. I gasp yanking myself out of his arms.

"Sorry" he whispers and I see the light blush on his cheeks. I feel sudden fear at the fact of what I had just done. I spin on my heels and race away. As I head out into the garden I hear footsteps behind me and realise he has followed. I don't stop running though till I reach the gazebo.

I hear the boy stop behind me and do not turn to face him. My breaths come out quick and short and I close my eyes. "I really am sorry, miss, that was wrong of me. Is there any way I can make it up to you?" he says.

"I've been taught to hate earth people. Why? Why must this happen?" I whisper mainly speaking to myself.

"Sorry" he speaks quietly but the word echos in my mind. I find myself turning and pressing my lips to his without a second thought while he hesitates before returning it. I soon pull away a thought swirling in my mind that is so painful. "My father will kill me"

He bites his lip and I can't help but find it adorable in some sort of way. I place my lips once again on his wrapping my arms around his neck. He returns my kiss gripping my waist. What a sin for my family I am commiting.....

The End

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