Sky High Love

Earth's land has been covered in water and a various human's genes are becoming mutated. These are now becoming the 'better' race with the ability to shift into one other form.
Only the new race our allowed and this is the love story of two of them with their side of the story.


"Stepphie! Stepphie" The covers were yanked off my bed where I lay and I squealed at the sudden cold. I met the eyes of my angry personal maid and smiled sheepishly. She rolled her eyes and stalked off. "Up and in that shower young lady. You have a party to prepare for"

I groaned but got to my feet wincing at the coldness of the floor. I had been so warm and comfy. I find myself pouting as I head for my elegant bathroom. Where I undress to slip into the already ran bath and I sigh at the warmth against my skin.

"And no dill dallying in that bath today, Missy!" I hear Ellie, my maid, shout. I felt my eyes narrow and my pout become more obvious. I hear the door of my room shut with a thud and sink beneath the surface of the water. Why? Oh, Why do I have to have the most bossy maid in the world?!?


I stand there staring. "You're gonna have to get dressed into it eventually" Ellie says calmly. Having done my starlight hair neatly to fall around my face and down my back in its tumbling curls. I now find myself staring at the most elegant and complicated dress I have ever seen.

"But.... where do I start?"

Ellie sighs and eventually we have pulled it on. It has first the corset and then the basic white dress with straps which is then covered by the sparkling blue and silver dress which is tied around the neck to hold it up. The pattern is a sort of twirling flower design. All of this leads to leg showing from just above the knee down, my shoulders and entire arms.

"Wow" I whisper staring in the Mirror as Ellie takes to strands either side of my face and pulling them round to clip them together at the back. She then adds here and there a few more jems and gives me shiny blue strappy high heel shoes. I twirl and face her with a smile. "Its beautiful" I say with delight.

"It makes you look amazing indeed. We must proceed down to the hall though for the first cars are arriving" Ellie says.

I smile and we proceed towards the hall.

The End

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