Chapter 8 (Mollie Verone)Mature

I didn’t sleep well. Not even with the mattress which was extremely soft and had I been in a normal situation it was the sort of mattress which would put me to sleep before my head hit the pillow. We weren’t in a normal situation though. No we were in Eden and I had been bought by a dark and powerful man to be his lover even if it was against my will.

Light seeped into the room through the red velvet curtains and I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t really need to wake up. I was already awake. I sat up and tried to tame my hair. “Come in” I called. Kaylie entered a moment later and I relaxed at seeing a familiar friendly face no matter how new. “Kaylie... you have no idea how glad I am to see you”

She gave a sheepish smile and walked to stand at the end of the bed. “I think I do. I was in your position once when I first came to Eden”

“When was that?”

“Two years ago” she said a sad look passing over her face. It was obvious these two years had not been filled with happy memories. “My soul had been missed on the register for those to be taken to limbo. So, as it must be a rogue found me a few months later wandering my house. See... if no one picks up your soul you become a ghost wandering the earth realm unable to be heard, seen or even touch any one. Being picked up by a rogue was actually a relief”

“Oh, Kaylie” I whispers. “How old were you when you died?”

“Same age I am now” she says. She saw the confusion on my face and remembered what I had said before. “Oh yes, you are new to all this. Well, um, being only the souls of ourselves we don’t really age cause the soul is immortal”

“Oh” I said feeling a little sick about the idea of being seventeen forever.

Kaylie gave me a soft smile. “It’s not so bad really. Anyway, I better get you dressed. I’m your assigned maid”

“Maid? But I’m only a slave myself... am I not?”

“Well you are but the master has taken you as a lover. It sort of makes you the lady of the house. Although, he always holds the power to take it away and trust me you don’t want to anger this man”

I slowly nodded and got out of the bed. My feet touched the cold wooden floor and I squeaked. Kaylie smiled then moved off to open the curtains wide allowing light to stream into the room. The light in Eden was much more golden which in any other situation would have been lovely but this wasn’t any other situation. “What do I do then? Other than... share a bed with him?”

“Well, if you behave he might take you out. Usually though you just spend the day doing what you want taking dinner with him and visiting his room before bed” Kaylie explained to me in a hesitant way seeming to worry how I’d react. I swallowed hugging my stomach against the threatening sickness that built up in my stomach and started to crawl up my throat. Kaylie came over and put a hand on both of my shoulders looking straight at me. “You’ll be okay”

I was glad for her trying to reassure me but it wasn’t much helping. I did not want to share a bed with this man tonight. He terrified me and when I looked in his eyes I felt so cold, so lost. Kaylie turned quiet as she dressed me. The dress was complex and had a corset set into the chest area but once it was on it look beautiful I took in a sharp breath as I looked at myself in the mirror. “Well...” I whispered looking at myself.

“Yes, the dresses are very old tradition over here but very beautiful” Kaylie smiles looking at me. “Its no wonder he chose you”

I flushed. “Don’t say that, Kaylie. You’re just as pretty”

Kaylie didn’t reply giving me this sad smile. “Do you want me to show you where everything is? I got a tour the other day” she offered kindly. I gave her a gentle nod and I followed her out then downstairs. It seemed like only the bedrooms were upstairs. The first place Kaylie showed me was the kitchen which where the three other maids were. They scowled at me as I entered and went back to their whispering.

I shifted uncomfortable as I heard that they were talking about me. Kaylie heard to and scowled back at them leading me out. “Why are they...”

“Don’t listen to them. They’re just being spiteful”

“Why would they want to be in my shoes?”

Kaylie stopped and looked at me. “I don’t think you realised just how much better your shoes are at the moment”

The End

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