Chapter 7.3Mature

I fell asleep during the journey as did Kaylie. It was a very long journey but soon we were woke by the yank of our chains pulling us out of the luggage bay. "Careful!" a voice snapped at the lad who was trying to get us out. "I don't want a scratch on the clean one"

I instantly knew he was referring to me because Kaylie's cotton clothes weren't even white anymore. Knowing this man who was my new owner wanted me without a scratch.... well, I began worrying about his intentions for me. The boy he had snapped at then helped us down from our perch more carefully looking at us in a studying way almost assessing us. I wanted to snap at him but worried as to what would happen if I did. He began to walk pulling us along as he followed the mysterious man.

The house I found myself looking up at was huge. In fact it was more a mansion than a house. As we came in there were three girl waiting all in simple black dresses with aprons. "Welcome home, master" they chorused as they lowered their heads and bowed their heads a bit.

"Janet, take the blond one to be washed and clothed" the man snapped as our chains were unlocked from her wrist. It felt strange for them to be off and they didn't really feel off. There was a phantom feeling of their existence still on my wrists.

"Yes, master" said one of the maid rushing over to Kaylie. She moved away with Kaylie who glanced back at me worried. I wondered what her worry was for but being worried myself about what was to happen I didn't much question it.

"Get back to your chores" the man snapped at the rest of the people who scurried off quickly which was when he turned to face me. Now alone in the entrance hall I felt scared. I mean I could fight but this man was at least a foot taller than me and well built. He hummed catching my chin in his hand and tipping my head up so he could look at me better. 

I looked at him also saw the sharp lines of his firm jaw. The deep brown hair tipped at the end with a deep black colour. Then there was his eyes. Again the moment I looked in them I felt a darkness curling around my heart yanking me forward pulling me towards this dark man.

"You are very pretty" he complimented rubbing a thumb over my cheek.

I wondered if I was meant to speak but after a while I saw he was waiting for an answer. "T-Thank you" I stuttered out. A moment later the back of his hand came across my cheek.

"Yes, sir" he said grabbing me by my wrist yanking me to him while his other arm went round my waist almost clamping me there. "You will always address me as 'Sir' or 'Master', girl"

"Y-Yes, Sir" I rushed out. I felt like I was in a bad medieval film. 

The man smiled and let go of my wrist so he could pass his fingers through my hair. He let go and stepped back. "Follow" he said and started to move down the hall. I hesitated a bit out of shock before glancing back at the door. Was there point in trying to escape? If I got caught I'm guessing I would be punished and probably in a darker way then getting grounded at home. Submitting to my fate I quickly hurried to catch up with who was now my master.

A man who was obviously interested in my body and had no problem with backhanding me if I said something wrong. It was indeed scary and I doubted I'd witnessed this mans full capabilities.

We reached a bedroom which the master led me into. He gestured around. "You will stay in here. If you misbehave or do not do as your told it will be taken from you" he stated before moving close to me making me back up till I met a wall. "You will be my lover. Tomorrow I will visit you and you may take today to settle in"

Then with those horrid words hanging in the air he left and I sunk to my knees. I buried my face in my hand. "Oh Ryder" I said feeling my heart aching out for him to save me. I didn't care much right now about what he would do cause deep down I loved him and he was the only person I knew who could save me. The only person I knew that could find me because, I prayed that, my feelings were returned.

The End

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