Chapter 7.2Mature

We exit the alley into a larger street. The whole look of this world reminds me of medieval times. We’re led down the alley to an open area where a crowd is gathered moving from stage to stage to bet it seemed on people.

Some of the crowd seemed human while the rest were fey and reapers. I found myself beginning to get scared as I saw the haggling. “Up the stairs” the fey snapped at me shoving me forward to move up the steps. I almost fell over but quickly regained myself. This couldn’t be happening.

It had to be a dream and if it wasn’t Ryder would save me. No, I didn’t want to see him. He wasn’t going to betray me. The promise he had made me had been merely words spoken. The memory of his scythe made me cold inside as I now knew how it felt for a scythe to touch your soul.

Suddenly the man came to a stop so we all did. The fey man ran between us undoing the chains that kept us as a group and left us in pairs. “Fresh meat for sale!” the leader called out throwing his arms wide. People glanced round at the news and began to move over. “Souls brought to Eden just for your need”

“How much for those two?” a fey man asked gesturing at me and the blond girl.

“Ah, those are thirty silver” the leader smiled. The fey grunted and left but the leader kept on talking. “Very cheap for two fresh souls”

“Do them for twenty” called a man who didn’t seem special in any way.

The leader shook his head. “I can’t do that. I’d be losing money for the shipment of these souls” he said grabbing the arms of the blond girl pulling her forward meaning I had to also move forward or deal with the embarrassment of falling over.

“Do them for twenty” said another voice. Not the man from before but this voice made the crowd around our stage go silent. Even the leader, who I had worked out to be a reaper, went silent.

He forced a smile onto his face. “Of course, m’lord” he said and waved the fey over who escorted us a way. The man, or lord as he’d been referred as, came over the steps to pay his money.

“Here, sir” the fey said undoing the chains around our feet. He instead attached a chain to our cuffs and then handed the end to the man.

The man grunted and gave the money to the fey who then scrambled off. I sneaked a glance at the man to meet his eyes which had been watching me. They were pitch black and seemed to cause shadows to slowly curl round your heart. I thought I was about to faint when the man turned our gaze breaking. The blond girl had kept her eyes lowered but glanced at me once the purchasers back was turned.

She looked more scared than she had before which worried me. What did she have to be scared about? He did not seem fey or reaper but yes there was something different about him. I couldn’t work it out though and soon enough we reached a carriage where we were sat on the back where usually luggage seemed to go.

Although, I suppose we were considered that. We had been purchased which meant we were slaves, an object to own. The man who had bought us left us there and got into the actually carriage which soon started to move.

“What’s your name?” I finally asked the blond girl. She looked at me with a hesitant gaze. She didn’t seem comfortable with conversation.

“Kaylie” she whispered.

“I’m Mollie” I said expecting a nice to meet you and when Kaylie didn’t speak I felt a little awkward in the silence. “Why are you scared of the man?”

“You mean our new master?” Kaylie questioned. I gave a hesitant nod and watched the girl fiddle nervously with her fingers. “He’s one of the circle”

“The circle?” I questioned.

Kaylie glanced at me like I should know who she meant. “A powerful sorcerer. They’re the next down in the hierarchy after Death and Life. You don’t mess with the circle. They’re children of Destiny”

I knew Death to be Ryder’s boss but Life and Destiny? I only had just heard about these people. I never thought of them to be people more powers and parts of creation. I found myself frowning and watching the ground move under the carriage.

“You’re new to this world aren’t you?” Kaylie whispered.

I looked to her and nodded. “All of this is strange to me. I don’t.... I don’t know what is happening?”

Kaylie smiled sheepishly trying to be reassuring. “Well, first of all you’re not on earth. You’re in Eden”

“Which is?”

“Life’s realm and Limbo is Death’s realm which is usually where souls go before the After. Although, souls collected by rogues can only go into Limbo if they’re taken to the Halls of Reality and put into the fountain where Death later collects them. If they aren’t they’re sold on as slaves”

“So what? I’ve been kidnapped by a rogue”

Kaylie nodded and I let my head fall forward into hands as a coldness spread over me. I was stuck in this world as a slave with no way out.

The End

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