Chapter 7 (Mollie Verone)Mature

When I woke the first thing that hit me was the smell. A huge stench of sweat and filth. I tried to sit up and hit my head on something above me. Something I couldn’t see in the darkness. I fumbled around with my hands trying to feel. I could feel something moving beneath whatever contained me. It was the sort of movement that came with being transported. It was then I panicked kicking around to try and get out.

“I think one of them has woke up” a voice grunted.

“Good, we’re almost to the market they’ll need to be awake for the sale” another voice added that seemed powerful and incharge. Sale? What was being sold? Why did I need to be awake?

Despite my questioning deep down I knew what was happening. I was going on sale. A sob left my lips and I quickly put my hand over my mouth to stop another. I wouldn’t cry. I had dealt with news much worse than this. How had I got here though? Laying back I moved through my mind for what had happened.

I had been at Ryder’s, just having spent the night with him. That memory caused me to be embarrassed but I quickly moved on to the memory of what I had learnt. How he would betray me and take my soul anyway but then as I had ran down the stairs I had been ambushed by another reaper. He had swung his scythe and hit me right in the centre of my chest. Then I had fallen back. Well, my body had while my conscience had been dragged forward into the cold metal.

That was the last I remembered. Now here I was in what I believed was a box being taken somewhere to be sold. Who had done this? Why had they done this? I needed answers and I wasn’t getting any. I was trapped in the darkness and even when I was let out it didn’t seem like I was going to be free.

“Here we are” the leader grunted the movement coming to a stop. “Get the tamed ones out first”

I laid quietly as other boxes seemed to be unpack. “Line up straight!” the partner snapped and I heard something whip through the air followed by a female cry. I tense as I heard chains rattle around me and suddenly the lid of my box was yanked off.

I was staring up at a male face. It wasn’t his ridiculous pointy chin I was looking at but the wings coming from his back. So they were real. All the wings I had seen it the shop had been real. I was looking up at what was basically a fairy.

The man-fairy chuckled. “This little one seems to have never seen a fey before” he said grabbing my wrists and lifting me out of the box before I could relax. He lowered me to my feet outside a carriage grabbing something behind me allowing me to smell the thick rosey scent that almost made me gag. He noticed and laughed. “Get use to it, dear” he said snapping cuffs around my wrists, the object he had been reaching for. “You’re in Eden now”

“Eden?” I questioned but he didn’t answer me dragging me over to another girl and cuffing my left ankle to her right.

The fey looked at me with a warning in his eyes. “Don’t try and run”

He then left and I got my chance to glance around. We were pulled up in a alley it seemed squished between two houses built of large chunks of stone. The path beneath us was just mud and I felt it on my bare feet before I looked. Looking down is when I noticed the new clothing. A simple cotton shirt and trousers was what I wore and it did nothing for my figure.

“Don’t be nosey” the girl next to me whispered in my ear. I turned to look at her seeing her messy blond hair specked with mud and drawn back into a ponytail.


“Keep quiet. Watch your feet. Do as you’re told” she said one after the other like she was reciting something she had been told. From the way her features creased in hard thought it had been long ago. She glanced at me one more time before returning her gaze to her feet. I frowned. Why should I do as I was told? I shouldn’t be here.

“Right!” a voice called drawing my gaze to a man who jumped down from the carriage to land before the pair of girls before me. He grinned at them in a way that made me uncomfortable before pacing around all of the girls in a wide circle. “Keep quiet. Watch your feet. Do as you’re told” he said exactly what the girl had told me. He headed in my direction and quickly I lowered my eyes to my feet overwhelmed by the strange power seeming to seep off the man. He leant in to look very closely at my face and smiled allowing me to smell the alcohol on his breath.

He then pulled back and strode to the front of the group. The fey ran in and connected a chain to the first pairs ankle cuffs then mine then the two behind me. The leader grabbed the chain and pulled causing all of us to stumble forward.

“Let’s go” he grunts and leads us round the carriage. 

The End

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