Chapter 6.2 (Joe)Mature

Something felt wrong the moment I woke up. I couldn't settle the feeling that Mollie was in trouble. I was so in tune with her life force that when I woke up and something felt wrong I knew it had to be about her. She couldn't have passed on. She had at least five months left. 

Sneaking away from my mum I went up to my room where I locked the door before getting out my sorcerer's book. I flicked through it before finding a tracking spell. I set it up on my desk and waited for the crystal within the water to show a sign. I got non. "This isn't right" I panic getting to my feet and moving downstairs. "Mum, I'm going out!" I called as I pulled on my shoes.

"Where are you going?" she said coming into the hallway.

"To get some homework off Mollie"

She forced a smile but I could see the hint of worry in her eyes. It was nowhere as big as mine. I sometimes wondered if my mother truly knew the truth about my father who she called a 'magical man'. Times I thought she did but then she'd laugh off the magic and I'd lose that thought. "Could you get some milk on your way back?" she said handing me two pounds.

"Sure" I smiled then turned and left. I could feel her eyes watching after me with worry but it still did not meet mine. I didn't bother with the bus running all the way to Mollie's. My fist thumped four times on the front door before I jumped around nervously.

Her father turned up. "Oh, Joe" he says a half-hearted smile appearing on his lips. "Mollie isn't here. She's staying round at Harriet's"

"Oh... Well, sorry for bothering you" I said turning and striding off down the street. Quickly I pulled out my phone and called Harriet.

"Hello?" she groaned.

I almost cursed cause I should have known Harriet wouldn't be up early. "Sorry, Harriet. I was just wondering if Mollie around at yours"

"Mollie? No, I haven't heard from her either"

"Ah... okay, if he parents call will you cover for her?" 

"Yeah, sure. What is going on?"

"Nothing. I'll call you later" I said then hung up on her. I went to the bookshop. My whole trip there was spent with anger boiling up inside me. So when I got there to find it closed my worried rocketed skywards.

Turning round and round on the spot panicking I forced myself to breath. Slowly I stopped my pacing closing my eyes to focus. I felt the faint presence of Mollie's life force. Latching myself to that path I followed it. I went through town out to the more expensive district reaching a fancy apartment building.

"Can I help you?" questioned the receptionist.

"No, thanks" I dismissed her striding over to the elevator and getting in. Closing my eyes I reached out towards a button hitting the one that felt right. When I reached the floor I tensed. This was obviously Ryder's place, I thought as I moved along to an apartment that reeked of Mollie's life force. 

I knocked for times and waited for someone to answer. The reaper appeared and blinked at the sight of me. "Who are.... Oh, you're Mollie's friend"

"Where is she?" I asked merely.

"She left" the reaper said his form stiffening as if made uncomfortable by the question. I clenched my fist and the reaper noticed. "I wouldn't do that. You don't know who you're messing with"

"Neither do you" I said letting my eyes flash silver shocking the reaper. "Where is Mollie?"

The reaper took a few moments to reply. "I don't know. She left this morning and took the stairs" I turned and went to the stairs. The reaper followed and we headed down the stairs till I was hit by a very potent scent. I tumbled back and the reaper caught me. "What is it?"

"Can't you smell it?" I questioned. The reaper shook his head and tried to focus but I soon realized the scent had been blocked from him. "It smells like a soul cast"

The reaper's face turned horrified and he raced passed me down the next two flights. "Mollie!" he yelled. I felt my heart sink and raced down to only to find the reaper cradling her. He held her in a very caring way which showed feeling. It showed a feeling that was against reaper law. "W-We need to get her to a hospital. She needs life support"

"Her soul is gone though"

"We can get it back" the reaper said picking Mollie up. "No, I will get it back"

It was then I realized that Mollie's feeling for her reaper wasn't a one way thing. He didn't seem to see it either but what I was witnessing was Destiny's touch.

The End

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