Chapter 6 (Mollie Verone)Mature

When I woke the next morning I ached but in a good way. I couldn't help but smile especially when I looked over at Ryder. His arms were looped around my waist keeping me drawn to him. I felt the cold air over my bare skin and realized I would have to move. I needed to get dressed.

Running my fingers through my hair I then added a shower to the list. Gently I took hold off Ryder's arms and removed them from around my wrist before getting to my feet. I gathered my clothes in my arms and left the bedroom about to move into the bathroom. Which is when something caught my attention. A feeling that drew my eyes round to an arm chair. In the chair was a black robe and sythe. 

The sythe seemed to pulse and drew me towards it. I just dropped my clothes as I moved over and wrapped my hand around the wooden handle. The wood was pitch black while the blade glinted a bright silver. I ran my fingers over the metal and felt dizzy. I tried to blink against it but I was soon falling backwards. 

I never felt my body hit the floor......

My eyes flashed open and I was gazing around a murky room. I heard a beeping noise and turned round to see a hospital bed. Someone was in the hospital bed. Slowly I began to move over but the door opened and I froze. Ryder strode in. "Ryder!" I said shocked. He didn't seem to notice me walking to the edge of the bed and kneeling. 

His hands curled around the hand of the person who was lying in the bed. "I told you I couldn't do nothing. He won't except.... I can't keep my promise" Ryder whispered his voice shaking. 

Who was he talking to? I questioned as I moved over. Then I saw the face. The familiar jaw and the waves of hair. I had to use the bed to support myself as I stared at myself. I looked to Ryder. What was this? What was happening? Was this my death to come? 

Ryder leant over and kissed my forehead. "I'm so sorry" he said moving a hand behind him and drawing out his sythe. He drew away from me and pulled it up. He mumbled something under his breath.

"Ryder!" I yelled. "Ryder what are you doing?!" 

I glanced to the monitor and saw it faultering. I waited for the doctors to rush in but they didn't. "I love you, Mollie" he whispered and then his sythe came down.

I shot up into a sitting position gasping for air. I threw the sythe away from me scrambling to my feet. Ryder broke his promise. He broke his promise! I buried my face into my hands as tears fell heavily down my cheeks. No, he wouldn't..... would he?

Grabbing my clothes I started to angrily yank them on. As I did I heard Ryder getting up in the other room. "Mollie?" he called his voice making me panic and become clumsy in my rush to get dressed. He came into the living room and saw me rushing. "Mollie?" he questioned. He started to move over.

I brought my hands up in a stop gesture. "Stay away!" I snapped at him. "I don't want you near me. I can't..... I won't let you have my soul!"

"Mollie, what has gotten into you?" Ryder whispered worried reaching out to touch my cheek. I slapped his hand away and he pulled it back to himself. Shock and hurt was clear across his face. He then glanced to his sythe. "Did you touch my sythe?"

"Yes! And it showed me the horrid truth! You're going to betray me!" I screamed grabbing my bag and running to the door. I struggled trying to open it before I realized it was locked. "Where are the keys?"

"Mollie, you can't run out in this emotional state"

"Give me the keys!"

Ryder silently fetched them handing them over. I unlocked the door and ran out. I didn't bother with the elevator rushing to the stairs. I made it down four flights before my legs went out from under me. I sat down onto the step and again buried my face in my hands.

What had I let Ryder do to me? I had let him pull me into his sick little world and use me. No! I couldn't give up. Shakily I got to my feet but a darkness briefly clouded my vision. I tensed glancing around. "Ryder?" I questioned.

A cold voice chuckled. "Not even close"

The End

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