Chapter 5.5Mature

I kissed Mollie again as the shop door closed behind Alistair. We kissed for a little longer before she stopped, pulling away gently.

“That’s enough,” she whispered.

“Okay,” I smiled at her. To be honest, I was just grateful that he hadn’t simply pushed me away.

She glanced away, averting her eyes so I couldn’t see what she was thinking.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked softly, touching her cheek.

“Nothing,” she said honestly, looking back up at me. “Take me to yours.”

I looked at her for a moment before saying, “What?” Had she really asked me that?

“Take me to yours,” she repeated quietly, blushing a light pink.

I continued just looking at her in silence for a short while. “Get your stuff and I’ll lock up.”

She nodded once and went to get her bag. She typed something on her phone, probably a message to a parent. Waiting for her by the door, I had the keys in my hand. I reached for her hand and led her out of the shop, locking up behind us and dropping the keys into a pocket. We began to walk and she seemed to be getting nervous.

“Don’t have to, if you don’t want to,” I said, leaning across to kiss her cheek.

“No, I want to,” she admitted quietly, embarrassed. “I’ve just... never done this before.”

I smiled and released her hand, putting my arm around her waist.

“Want me to carry your bag?” I asked her.

She shook her head, leaning into me as we walked.

“It’s not far anyway,” I informed her.

I took her to the high-rise building I stayed in when I was down on an assignment. Not exactly a cheap building either.

She blinked up at it as we approached. “How can you afford it? You barely break even at the shop.”

Ah, yes, that was after I put most of it into a bank account that had been building up for years.

I simply grinned over at her without answering.

She flushed a little, probably drawing her own conclusions. I leant to kiss her cheek again. She turned her head so my lips met her own, instead of her skin. I immediately stopped walking, just outside the building. She stopped too, kissing me slowly. I gave her the controls, letting her make her own decisions. Considering what was going to be going on by the time we got to my apartment, I wanted her to make sure this was actually what she wanted.

She pulled back and frowned, sensing that she was in charge. “Why aren’t you...? I thought, with earlier, you wanted to... to take charge.”

“I can if you want me to,” I answered quietly, grinning cheekily.

She flushed again. “Well, I have no clue what to do... and I kind of like that dark side about you.

I chuckled, kissing her jaw. By now I had long forgotten we were stood outside in the night air. She gasped and closed her eyes. I took her hand and led her inside, straight to the row of lifts. This was going to be happening in the middle of the foyer if we continued like we had been.

Mollie flushed as the lift doors closed behind us, locking us in alone together. I looked over at her. God, I so wanted her. I pulled her to me using the hand I still had hold of.

She gasped again. She breathed my name, closing her eyes. I smiled against her skin.

“You sure about this, Mollie?" I asked her quietly, still by her neck.. "I don't think there'll be any going back once we get inside.”

In fact, I knew for certain there would be no second chances for a decision once we were in my apartment.

“I’m very sure,” she whispered, her fingers curling into my hair. I could hear in her voice that she meant what she said. She was definitely sure about this and that put my mind at ease a little. And, of course, only heightened my desire.

“Oh, god, Mollie,” I groaned, letting my head simply fall onto her shoulder, her scent all around me.

My arms tightened around her waist of their own accord, pulling her against me even more. Her skin turned a flushed pink again. I straightened up, looking at her. I touched her coloured cheek and smiled. I kissed her again, feeling her lips press back.

The doors pinged open and I pulled away, leading her very quickly to my apartment. She followed in a daze. Stopping outside my door which was a little way down the corridor, I unlocked it and pushed it wide for her to enter first.

She inched inside and looked around. The lamp on the other side of the room was still on, as I’d left it. I could see my scythe and robes thrown unceremoniously on an armchair, where I’d put them once I’d got back from my meeting with Death. Thankfully, she didn’t notice them.

The apartment was an open plan design, with the main rooms – the living room, dining room and kitchen – all leading into each other. Only the bedroom and bathroom were hidden away by doors.

I shut the door and put my arms around her waist from behind. She gasped and I kissed her shoulder. She shrugged her shirt off her shoulders. I ran my hands down her bare upper arms and over to her hips, pulling her back against me.

She looked over her shoulder at me. “Why me? Of all the women you could have.”

That was the question, wasn’t it? I couldn’t even answer that in my own mind.

I kissed her skin slowly, repeatedly, until I thought of something. “You’re you, for starters.”

She laughed at my response. “I can’t be anyone else.”

“I wouldn’t want you to be,” I smiled, because it was the truth.

She blushed, causing my smile to widen as I caught her lips with mine. She kissed back and I moved to take off my shirt but she caught my wrist and turned around, doing it herself. When it was lying on the floor, I pulled her against me, feeling her skin against mine.

She flushed again and let her shirt fall from where it was caught by her elbows. I looked over her. She was so beautiful, inside and out. I ran my finger down the centre of her chest in a straight line.

Her flush deepened and she kissed me. I responded immediately, kissing her back. She hooked her fingers through the belt loops on my jeans and drew me over to the bedroom.


Once it was over, I just held her close in my arms, though she clutched the quilt around her.

“Don’t be embarrassed about yourself, Mollie,” I whispered, kissing her hair. I’d noticed that she didn’t like me seeing her.

“I can’t help it,” she blushed.

I turned her face so I could kiss her, feeling her kiss me back.

“You really don’t need to be embarrassed,” I murmured, pressing my lips back to hers briefly.

She shivered. “I-I need the bathroom,” she said, getting up.

I watched her walk over to the door. She flushed a deep red and ran out. I sat up, curious, and fell back onto the bed, smirking. The protection we’d used was kind of hanging over the room where I’d dropped it.

Mollie spent a while in the bathroom and came back just as I was considering getting up to check on her.

“You okay?” I asked when she returned.

She nodded, lying back down beside me.

“Um... Goodnight then,” she said, clearly feeling awkward.

I smiled at her. “Goodnight,” I murmured, brushing hair out of her face and kissing her briefly.

She smiled and went to sleep. I watched her for a little while, trying to figure out exactly what my feelings were for Mollie. I eventually gave up, sleeping relatively easily.

The End

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