Chapter 5.3 (Joe)Mature

I headed home not really expecting much of a warm welcome. So when I found bags dumped by the door I was confused. Then the smell of pasta hit me and I knew there was only one reason for that smell. "Mom!" I yelled heading quickly to the kitchen and there she stood her dark hair still pulled back in a bun from her business trip.

"Oh darn it" she laughed. "I was hoping to have this done before you got home"

I went over and gave her a hug. She smelled different from two months ago but I didn't care. "I've missed you"

"Missed you too, sweetie" she said pulling back and turning to the pasta. "It would be nice if you could take my bags up while I finish up here"

"Sure, mom" I said and headed out carrying one suitcase at a time up the stairs with the two big ones then found myself able to carry the two little ones at the same time. Dinner was served up and on the table by the time I was done. 

I slumped into a chair and gave a sigh of release. "So... how is school?" my mom asked and when the words reached me I froze with the fork of pasta about to enter my mouth.

Slowly I put in down and clenched my fists. "Bad, mom" I whispered feeling it hard not to let my protective shell break and the tears to come out. "Real bad"

"How so?" my mom said straightening up.

Looking up I meant her eyes and she saw how broken they were which made her gasp. I saw her about to ask but jumped in. "Mollie has cancer" I whispered looking down. "The doctor has given her six months"

"Oh no!" my mom said getting to her feet. "We should go round and visit"

I shook my head. "No, Mollie got a job as her live while she can scheme. She's not taking the treatment"

"Oh dear... I'm sorry. H-Have you told her?"

"I did" I said feeling my heart snap all over again. My mom reached across the table and took my hand.


"She doesn't like me back" I replied. My mom didn't say anything shock spreading over her face like it had done with Nat and Harriet. Everyone had truly believed me and Mollie were in love with each other. No one had expected it to be one sided. Although, I guess no one had dared to ask Mollie. "I'm gonna go have a shower"

My mother nodded letting me go and I inched upstairs where I merely slumped onto my bed. Was I hungry? Yes. Was I going back down to eat? No. Why? Because life had begun to seem ever so pointless recently.

I didn't know what to do. Before I got on with life on the hope one day me and Mollie would confess to one another but... nothing had gone to plan. I had confessed and she hadn't returned but that wasn't what got at me the most. I was losing the second half of myself. The half Mollie constantly filled.

Taking a shaky breath I got to my feet and went to take my shower. As I let the water run I felt anger start to boil in me again. I kicked the bathtub and watched the water jump up for a second.

Then to think the person that Mollie had turned me down for was her stupid Reaper?!

The End

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