Chapter 5.2Mature

"Ryder!" I yell as I come into the shop and don't see him around. Sighing I going into the back and still don't find him. I dump my bag there going back into the front and finding a huge pile of new book. I groan and sit down picking up the first one.

'Meat plants and how to tame'

I blinked at the title and quickly priced that before putting it aside. As I moved through the books I found myself comparing my feelings between Ryder and Joe. Oh no, please say I wasn't in love with two guys.

What I felt around Ryder was protected then also a heated passion when we kissed but with Joe it was much softer. When he had held me I had felt a soft warmth that calmed me down and reassured me that everything was alright. I mean Ryder did that also but there was that cold air about him with how I knew one day he was going to snatch away my soul from this world. I didn't have that detachment with Joe and we'd been friends since we were young.

I let my head fall forward onto the counter when I heard feet approach from out the back. Quickly I sat up and found myself faced with Ryder. "Sorry I'm late" he said calmly. I mean didn't he realise appearing out of thin air was not normal. 

Although I suppose by now I should be use to the abnormal. Blinking I glanced into the back of the store before back to him. "But... you werent in there a moment ago"

"Space is subjective" he said with a shrug seeming to dismiss it like I should easily understand. Yeah, I wasn't too smart.

"Space is what?" she frowns.

"Subjective. I can be wherever I want"

"Uh huh..." I said not actually feeling comfortable about that fact. Was that how he could sneak into my bedroom all those times? Gosh, that was creepy.

He smiled and moved over to me where he leant down and gave me what was meant to be a brief kiss. "How's your day been?" he asked but I was already drawing his lips back down to mine hungry for a proper kiss.

Ryder was shocked as our lips met but his arms soon moved round my waist securing me to him. As our lips moved together and I felt an intense heat start to bloom through me igniting a need to get closer. I sat myself up on the counter and wrapped my legs round him hoping to hold him close. It allowed Ryder to travel his fingers up my spine making me shiver as I caught his lower lip between my teeth.

He began to draw me closer and for a split moment I was seeing Joe and not Ryder. I freaked out instantly. "No!" I burst out scrambling away and keeping my back to Ryder as I tried to catch my breath.

"Sorry" Ryder gasped out as he leant against the counter breathlessly.

"No... I-I started it" I said to him feeling guilty. What was happening to me? I always knew I'd get into a passionate relationship one day but I never expected it to be so intense. Nor did I expect to be questioning my feelings. 

"You keep leading me on and then pushing me away, Mollie, which is it?" He asked gently making me feel a bit guilty. I buried my face into my hands without an answer to his question.

"Come on, don't worry about that for now" he said, reaching out to touch my arm causing the skin to heat up and my stomach to stir with a need to get closer to him. I did have a very intense attraction to him but... was it love? He hadn't said it was. "How was your day?"

"I spent the whole day in the nurse's office"

"Why? Are you okay?" He asked worriedly which half made him less attractive. Wow, that was a harsh thing to be thinking. Ryder was attractive though cause of this dark side of him that charmed his way close to me. The sort of guy who snuck you out clubbing and you messed around with. Joe wouldn't be like that....

Horrified I was thinking of Joe as better boyfriend material I kicked it out of my mind. "I passed out"

"Are you feeling okay now?" he asked. I shrugged it aside and got back to work. I was getting a bit stressed out by this new side of Ryder. I hadn't seen him... caring before. Although, we hardly talked. We were either working or making out. "Something's wrong, what's up?"

"Nothing" I almost snapped which made Ryder frown I discovered when I glanced of him. I gave him an apologetic look hoping he'd let it go now.

"What's wrong, Mollie?"

"Its not something I can talk to you about"

"You can talk to me about anything, but okay" he said finally giving in and making me relax. I leant over and kissed his cheek watching him smile.

Looking at him I realized I had a choice to make. My reaper or my childhood friend?

The End

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