Chapter 5 (Mollie Verone)Mature

Ryder being cheeky was amusing but my good mood didn't last long. Soon enough I was at school and while Joe wasn't giving me the cold shoulder he wasn't being the friend I'd always known either. Nat was also still appearing mad and I didn't blame her. 

On one hand though it wasn't my fault. Nat had never asked me about my feelings for Joe. I had never stated I like Joe in any shape or form. Sighing I sat next to Harriet who gave me an awkward smile. Even she wasn't on my side. Focusing ahead at the teacher I found my mind drifting off. I felt like a darkness was curling round me. Tugging at me down towards the floor. It was a horrible sinking feeling.

"Hey, Mollie" someone said and I almost jumped out of my seat. Harriet frowned at me stood next to Nat. She smirked at my embarrassment then rushed to hide it. "Are you coming?"

"No, I'll catch up to you" I muttered. Nat didn't hesitate striding out pulling Joe along who did glance back. Harriet stood uncertain of what to do. "Go" I said forcing a smile. "I will be fine"

Harriet nodded with a frown still creasing her face but turned and left. I waited till they were gone before trying to call Ryder. It went straight to voicemail. I sighed and got up shuffling out of the classroom when I felt it again. That ghostly presense curling around me. I span round in search off it and it vanished causing me to frown. The whole hall was empty apart from me which was odd. Shaking my head fuzzy figures came into view.

I also wasn't standing up anymore but lying down as people crouched over me. Worried voices reached my ear and I felt hands on my shoulder shaking me lightly. "Mollie?!" a shock voice called before a fuzzy figure came over knocking another from my side. "Mollie, gosh, what happened?"

"She just passed out" another voice added to the conversation. Passed out? I don't remember doing that. Although the last thing I remember was spinning round in search of... of something. I'm not really sure what I thought I was going to see.

The fuzzy figure lifted me. "I'm going to take her to the nurse"

"Joe!" another voice added which felt as familiar to me as the one belonging to the fuzzy figure carrying me.  "What's wrong with Mollie?"

"She passed out" the fuzzy figure which seemed to be called Joe said. Joe... I slowly put the name to a face and relaxed as I remembered my childhood friend. I must have hit my head to forget him like that. "I'm taking her to the nurse"

"I will come with you" said Nat as I now sensed. Great, Nat. My friend who currently seemed to hate me.

The journey to the nurses office seemed like ages but I knew it wasn't at all that long. About five minutes tops it took to get there from the furthest ends of the school. "Nurse!" Joe called out as we got there.

"Oh my! What happened?" the nurse, I believe, seemed to rush out.

"We don't know. Apparently she just passed out"

I felt my body being laid down then a fuss made over me. "Oh, she's fine" the nurse said seeming to relax. "Maybe dehydrated or just a bit faint. Its not unusual for.... well"

A silence seemed to fall and I found myself falling with the silence back into my sleep. When I woke it was late and Joe was by my bedside asleep himself. I leant over and shook him. "Joe?"

He woke awake with a start then saw me. "Mollie" he breathed out relieved. "You're awake"

I nodded quietly. "You didn't have to wait up for me" I muttered to him. Honestly he was the last person I had expected.

"No, I did... Look, you're my friend and I've explained to Nat and Harriet that its not your fault I feel more for you than you for me"

"You... You did what?"

"They've been giving you the cold shoulder and childishly I let them" he said taking one of my hands between his. "Look.... you've got less than six months and I want us to have all the fun we can"

"Joe" I choked out as tears started to bloom in my eye. One fell and I threw my arms round him to hug him tight instead of bawling my eyes out in front of him like a loser. "I'm sorry. I wish I could but I-"

"Hush, Mollie" Joe said his arms holding me so gently I felt something stir in my chest. Oh no.

I pulled away and pretended it was cause I was embarrassed but really I was freaking out. I couldn't like him now?! Not after all the pain I caused.... could I?

The End

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