Chapter 4.5Mature

"Sam, tell me about that building you're doing again," Mollie said to him.

Sam grinned and began to tell her all about it, obviously in his element. I just stayed quiet. Mollie listened intently, obviously ignoring me.

I looked at her as Sam talked. I didn't like feeling ignored. Usually it was a feeling that went well with my job but at this moment, I definitely didn't like it.

She nodded when she had to, but at one point she obviously had a moment of weakness and glanced at me. A flush touched her cheeks as she looked away. I kept looking at her, smiling a little now though.

"I need another drink," she said to me after a while.

I took the empty glass from her, kissing her cheek, and went to get her another.

Sam got her to dance the moment I was gone. I scowled, knowing he couldn't see.

I thought about what Alistair had said and got her something stronger, but still with the coke to hide it. She took it when I got back and didn't seem to notice anything wrong as she drank, but by the time she was done she seemed a bit tipsy.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She looked at me. "I feel fuzzy," she giggled.

I smiled and leant in to kiss her but she stopped me.

"Another drink?" she asked. 

I nodded and went to get one. She drank that one too.

"Hmm, so warm. I feel warm, Ryder," she hummed. She giggled, stumbling into me.

"You are warm," I smiled.

She grinned and kissed me.

"You're... You're dead," she giggled.

"I am" I said, grinning.

"But you were so warm in bed," she moaned and nibbled on my earlobe.

I chuckled, putting my hands on her hips. She giggled and stumbled away.

"I-I need to get home," she slurred.

"I'll take you," I whispered in her ear.

"Hmm," she giggled. "Take me."

Putting an arm around her waist, I led her out. She hummed and ran a hand down my body to my crotch.

"Where are you taking me?" she giggled, stumbling.

"Home," I said, biting her earlobe gently.

"Mine or yours?" she giggled.

"I don't have a place, so yours," he said to her.

"But my parents," she slurred worriedly.

"That's what magic's for," I chuckled.

"Naughty," she giggled before laughing hysterically.

I pulled her against me, making her gasp. I grinned and kissed her neck.
She tilted her head to give me a better angle.

"I thought you were taking me home."

"We'll get there eventually," I laughed quietly.

She looked at me. "Before or after?"

"Possibly both," I murmured, kissing her neck again.

She melted against me. I began leading her home again. She trotted along beside me.
When we reached her house, I covered us both with magic and pulled her silently through the house, up to her room. When I closed the door behind us, I locked the door and kissed her.
She kissed me back and I pulled her against me. She shivered. I slid my hand underneath her shirt, still kissing her. She gasped as I kissed her jaw and neck. She grinned. I began to walk her backwards to her bed.

She shivered and kissed me. Pushing her down onto the bed, I knelt above her. She flushed as she looked up at me. I took off her shirt and ran my fingertips down her chest.
She had fallen asleep. I smiled slightly and lay down beside her. I pulled her against me and wrapped my arms around her, sleeping.

She slept heavily and I stayed with her all night.

When she woke, she clutched her head. "Oh God, h-how am I hungover?"

I put my hand on her back.

"What are--? Gosh... I-I'm sorry about leading you on last night," she said.

"It's okay," I told her with a small smile.

She frowned. "No, it's not, Ryder... We almost slept together and it was purely because of me."

"What happened to living while you can?" I asked her quietly, stroking her skin.

She flushed. "I-I suppose, but this is serious, Ryder. Not a game."

"I know that."

"So... I want us to be serious," she said, kissing my forehead.

I looked at her, slightly surprised. "I didn't know you wanted that."

"What's the point of this otherwise?"

"I don't know," I said honestly. 

She sighed and fiddled with her nails. I stroked her back and she looked over at me.

"Please say you get it?" she said, a hint of pleading in her voice.

"Yeah, I do."

She smiled. I smiled back. I hadn't known she wanted something serious, and the knowledge that she did touched something inside of me that I hadn't felt for a long time. I looked at her. She was beautiful. She really was. She was something special. Her bravery at denying the chemotherapy still amazed me. 

She got up, saying, "I need to dress."

"I'm guessing that's code for 'get out now'," I grinned, getting up too.

"Sort of. I'll see you later at the shop. Okay?"

"Of course. Do I get a kiss before I go?"

She smiled and kissed my cheek. "There."

I pretended to pout before sneaking a quick kiss onto her lips and leaving as quickly as possible.

The End

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