Chapter 4.2Mature

I don't know why I was walking to the bookshop. All I new is I started coughing on my way there. It was horrible cough that splattered blood on my hand. I knew being well wasn't going to last long. The coughing scratched and clawed at my throat. I heard Ryder groan as I walked into the shop. His head was in his hands.

I ignored him going into the back to rise my mouth out. When I come back Ryder hadn't moved. "What's wrong with you?" I said hoarsely the simple speech hurting just a little.

"Just a little bit hung over" he says sarcastic meaning he was way hung over which made me frown in concern.

"You went and got drunk?"

"I went to see Alistair and he got me drunk."

"Was... Was this over me?" I say worried begging and hoping it wasn't. He couldn't be that torn up about what I said. He was here to take my soul to the afterlife. He shrugged and sternly I said his name wanting him to be honest with me. 


"Why did you go get drunk?"

"It was over you, yes"

I winced feeling guilt swarm over me. "You shouldn't have" I told him a little worried that I could cause that after knowing him not all that long. He mumbled how it was too late and that annoyed me. "We barely know each other..."

"I know a lot more about you than you think" he replied to me.

"Thats a creepy thing to say"

"It's true though"

"Well even if you know things about me that's not knowing me" I told him to which he shrugged. Ignoring his glum state I got to work. I had to put more books of shelves and price them. I was reaching up to put a book on a high shelf when I saw Ryder leave into the back. 

Great boss, huh? I moved to the counter to sort out some more books when a man stumbled in. He ran around the store scanning the shelves. "I need the book 'Against the dead'" the man raged stumbling up to me.

I got out the book with the book titles in of the book we had and looked for it. "We don't have that book"

"Stupid girl, I need that book"

"I'm not stupid" I grit my teeth going into the back to find Ryder. "We have a customer demanding a book we don't have" 

"Tell them we don't have it"

"I have" I told him annoyed he wouldn't just come sort it out himself. It was his shop after all. He sighed finally going back into the shop.

"I need the book" the man raged. What was wrong with him? Sweat was pouring off his skin like he was terrified. I was a little concerned with what he'd resort to to get that book even though we didn't have it.

"I'm sorry, sir, but it's not one we have" Ryder told him calmly. It didn't seem to calm the guy down.

"But I need it!"

"I can't give it to you if we don't have, I'm sorry" Ryder repeated. I watched as electricity shot from the mans fingers at Ryder before the man raced out. I hid behind the door watching quietly as Ryder seemed to absorb the crackling electricity. The energy sunk in through his finger tip burning them just a little. "Done" he said moving to go back into the back.

I stopped him and took his hands in mine. I kissed his finger tips more as an apology and a thank you than kissing the pain away. I found him watching me and my cheeks heated so I looked down at the floor. He tilted up my chin and I found myself licking my lips in anticipation of a kiss. He lent in and kissed me with me kissing back. 

Maybe I'd over reacted to what Ryder was. It wasn't his fault. It was his job just like it wasn't my fault not loving Joe back. I couldn't help my feelings. Ryder stroked my cheek and I pulled back rushing off to go work.

The End

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