Chapter 3.3Mature

"I'm here" I called as I entered the book store. I hadn't been to school that day but I'd managed to push getting to work since I had been fine all day. Ryder said 'hi' but my eyes turned to the piles of boxes. "New books in?" I questioned to which Ryder nodded. "I'll start pricing" 

Ryder thanked me wandering off. I got down to the work finding one book ending up blurring into the next. All the books were about history and every so boring. Eventually I had to stack them away and was annoyed to find a lot of them on top shelves which I couldn't reach so went to get the ladder. I was half way through the first shelf when Ryder came back into the store.

"You okay with that?" he asks. I nod reaching over to put a book on the shelf which is when the ladder shakes and soon I'm falling back through the air. Arms catch me and I find Ryder's face suddenly very close allowing my eyes to travel over him. He slowly set me on my feet but not far away. He was so close. His lips looked so appealing.

I kissed him. Soft warm lips meeting mine back. My body moved closer of its own accord. I mean I knew this was reckless. I knew if I wanted to kiss someone it should be Joe but I was enjoying this. Since I was dying I was allowed to be reckless wasn't I?

His arms wrapped around me and the kiss really started getting hot. He pulled me tighter against him and a noise spilled out of me. A moan I think. Apparently it was a good sound cause Ryder kissed me deeper. 

My back pressed into the bookcase. I slid my hands under Ryder's shirt feeling his travel up my sides as he gave a little moan. I shivered finding this whole thing crazy. I mean what was I doing? I would never have done this before but now... My time was coming to a close and this was my time to make seriously poor decisions. Ryder pressed more to me if it was possible.

When he pressed to me though I felt a lump. "Oh god" I shivered though panic also sliced through me. His lips went to my neck and my breathing was really rushed. I felt like every part of me was melting. It was amazing but scary. So fricken scary I could be made to feel like this.

That was when the little bell went informing us a customer had come in. Ryder yanked himself away while I just stood frozen. The customer raised a questioning eyebrow at my skirt which has risen up my legs. Ryder tugged it down moving to the counter where he looked at me.

Quickly I turned to face the bookshelf leaning on it for support. I saw the customer pick a book from the shelf near me going over to the counter. "Teen girls, huh?" the man seemed to joke. Something happened and the customer left. I stayed facing the bookcase.

I heard Ryder come back over and soon felt his hands on my hips. "You okay?" I shook my head and felt his lips press onto my neck. My head tilted allowing him to reach more. I shivered as he kissed my neck again. As he moved closer I turned myself round to face him. 

Ryder merely watched me and I looked away with pink cheeks. He captured my lips and I couldn't stop the little sound of pleasure coming from my lips. His arms wrapped back round me. "Ryder, y-you're my boss...." I stuttered.

"Is that a problem?"

"Well... it should be" I muttered finding it odd that he seemed to not see it mattering. 

"This shouldn't happen, as much as I want it to"

My cheeks heated up and I noticed the time. "I-I best get going" I said to which Ryder slowly agreed. I ran to grab my bag and left. I barely spoke to my father on the ride home. I barely spoke to anyone to lost in my head.

That night I lay down to sleep waking up to see Ryder stood in the corner of my room. "Gosh, why am I dreaming about you?" I whisper sitting up to look at him better.

"I don't know, why are you?" he says seeming to be amused. For what reason I didn't understand. My cheeks heated pink from embarrassment.

"Shouldn't you know if you're in my dream"

"If this is only a dream, I am a figment of your imagination"

"Very sexy figment" 

I watched him grin as my cheeks turned a deeper pink. "How kind of you to say"

"Why are you over there though?" I asked him. Slowly he walked over to me and I pulled him down onto my bed. 

My lips met his and it was just like the kiss in the bookshop. So teasing making me want more and more.

The End

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