Chapter 3 (Mollie Verone)Mature

"Where have you been going after school?" Joe inquired about a week later. I looked up from my work pushing my hair behind my ear feeling my chest rise and fall a little more dramatically then last week. 

"I got a job" I told him.

Joe seemed to relax then tense at the same time. Like he was happy of something then suddenly the actual new disturbed him. "Do your... parents know?"

I nodded fiddling with my pen staring down at my work. The lines across the page just lines. "They weren't happy about it. I know no one is happy about me-"

"Why aren't you bringing it up?" he said cutting me off. I tense knowing what he's going on about. I look at my hands picking at my fingers nails. "Mollie, we should talk about it. You were obviously shocked. I mean you ran away. How am I suppose to take that?"

"I don't know what I feel" I snap with a quiet voice so I don't draw attention. I swallow around the lump in my throat and I'm glad to hear the bell go. I get to my feet and start walking.

"Mollie!" Joe said coming after me and catching my wrist when we were out in the hallway. I glanced at him praying he wasn't going to do something out here in the hallway. Begging him to not do anything in the hallway. "Do you like me back?" he asked. It was a horribly question cause I didn't know the answer.

I couldn't stop thinking about when we were kids played around like I was another one of the boys. Then when I'd had a crush on Marcus Harrison and he'd asked out Nat who had proceeded to slap him hard. 

"I...I don't know" I tell him honestly. "I mean we're friend. I..." Joe flinched and his hand fell off my wrist. His face flashed with this horrible pain. A pain worse than any physical pain I'd felt. It was a pain I had caused. That knowledge clawed at me like a savage beast. "Joe..." I reached out but he stepped back.

"Friends. I understand"

"No! Oh I didn't mean it like that, Joe. I-"

"Its okay, Mollie" he said forcing a smile that was like splinters under my fingernails. I tried to speak but he shook his head. "You don't feel the same. I get it. Maybe... Maybe one day"

"Joe" I choked out as he turned on his heals and walked off down the hall leaving me stood there. The crowd stared to thin out as people went into the classes while I found my body unable to move. When the corridor was empty the first tear fell them another and soon they were tumbling down my face. I hiccuped and started to find my breathing getting out of sync.

That was bad very bad. I turned and started towards the hallway towards the nurse's office but then the first cough came rocking my whole form forward. Then another. Another. No air. How could I get any air in when I was coffee? My body hit the ground pain going through my right side as it took the impact. 

"Mollie!" a voice yelled. A familiar one. Probably someone from my class who I didn't get along all that well with. All I knew was they got me to the nurses office which is where I woke with my brother sat next to my bed worry all over his face. 

I groaned trying to sit up but my brother wouldn't let me. "What are you doing here?" I croaked to which my brother gave me a scolding look.

"Mum and Dad brought me here. They're talking to the headmaster about getting you taken out of a few classes"

"I hope its P.E and R.E" I chuckled rubbing my raw throat then looking at my brother. "What time is it?"

"Three thirty" he said looking down at his shoes then up at me with this very determined face. "I want you to take the treatment, Mollie"

"John, I-"

"It could mean you living at least a year" he said looking at me with his wide innocent eyes. I so wanted to do it for him. I really did.

So instead of answering I got up brushing out my clothes which had crumpled. "Lets go find mum and dad" I said coughing a little and seeing him panic. I smile at him wondering if they were all gonna be like this about me refusing treatment. My eyes fell to the corner of the room and I tensed. 

There was a oddity there again. It felt like something wasn't there that should be. I nibbled on my lower lip staring at it hard. Then I saw those eyes. "Mollie" he said drawing my eyes around to him. He was stood by the exit from the nurses office waiting for me. "We heading to find mum and dad right?"

"Yeah" I said slowly following him out of the room. That had happened twice now. What was going on?

The End

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