Chapter 2.5Mature

The Fae pulled out of my grasp. He picked up his book and strode out angrily. Mollie was still under his trance. I sighed, realising once again the reasons why I didn't like the Fae.

As Mollie swayed slightly where she stood, I placed my hand on her shoulder, using my magic to bring her back to reality.

She blinked suddenly, looking around the room, trying to work out where she was. "What happened?"

"You were out of it for a minute there," I said nonchalantly with a short laugh. I stepped back.

"Oh, sorry," she said, blushing just a little bit.

She got back to work quickly.

"Don't worry," I said, smiling, "it happens."

I went back to continue my circuit of the bookshop. Once Mollie had finished pricing a stack of books, she picked up the one about reapers that she'd been looking at yesterday. She opened the first day, reading it curiously.

I glanced over at her every now and then, trying to discern how she was reacting to what she was reading. She gave nothing away and I didn't want to use more magic on her.

"Invisibility... Sleep magic..." she whispered, running her fingers over something on the page. As her fingers were moving in a slightly curved pattern, I assumed it was a scythe.

I instantly became wary, remembering the incident the other night when she'd seen me. Would she attach what she was reading to what had happened to her that night? Would she even remember seeing me? Again, it would require the use of magic to find out how much she knew without asking her.

She sighed and closed the book, placing it down on the counter again. That sparked my interest.

"You okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said.

"Sure?" I pressed.

She nodded. "Just reading some silly stuff."

I went over to her, leaning against the counter slightly.

"What sort of silly stuff?" I asked with a grin.

"Thinking I'm seeing the dead," she said, shrugging. So she'd reached the bit about how reapers were created; from the dead souls of humans.

"Oh?" I asked, anxious to know how much she'd worked out.

"It's nothing. Just tired," she replied, laughing it off.

I grinned. "Okay."

I wandered around the shelves again. Mollie served another customer. I glanced at every customer that entered.

They all seemed to like her, laughing when she told a joke, smiling genuinely when she did. To be honest, I'd not really noticed it before, but Mollie did have a sort of... air to her. She was relaxed and smiled a lot. I liked it when she smiled; it was beautiful. I ended up just staring at her.

After a while, she noticed, flushing a bright red. She hurried off to the back to find a book. I tried to distract myself with fixing the bookshelves I was inspecting but they were already immaculate.

She came back and placed the book on the counter. A car horn sounded and she looked up.

"That'll be my dad," she said, heading to get her stuff.

I glanced up at the clock. The time had passed so quickly. When she came out from the back, she was pulling her coat on, her bag in hand.

"How did you find your first day?" I asked.

"Good, thanks. Um, see you tomorrow, boss," she said, blushing a little.

"My name's Ryder," I said, realising I hadn't told her. "I'll see you tomorrow."

As I smiled at her, she flushed again and left.

I debated my options for the night: I could go and find Alistair for someone to talk to, or I could follow Mollie again. I decided on the second one and locked up. I became invisible again and left, following her into the car that was waiting for her outside.

"How did it go?" asked the man in the driver's seat. I guessed he was her father.

"Good," she nodded.

Her father started the engine and began to drive. I glanced between him and Mollie. I could only imagine how he was feeling; his daughter was going to die. His eldest child. Her whole family was distraught and she was just getting along as if nothing had changed.

You had to admire courage like that.

The End

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