Chapter 2.4Mature

I wandered around the bookshop all day, impatiently waiting for four thirty to arrive. I couldn't help glancing up at the clock repeatedly. I arranged and rearranged the books twice, and even tried to meditate a little; I was too bouncy though, unable to sit still.

When four thirty finally rolled around, Mollie walked in, looking nervous. Her dark hair was a little wet from the rain during the day.

"Hey" I said, turning to her, grinning.

"Hi... boss" She laughed nervousfully, fiddling with a loose thread on her sleeve. "So, um, what am I doing?"

"Standing behind the counter, ready to serve customers mainly. Though feel free to wander around, get acquainted with the place," I said, still smiling, trying to act normally.

She nodded. "Where can I put this?" she asked, gesturing to the bag on her shoulder.

"You can put it in the bag. This way," I said, turning to take her to the back, where the spare books where kept.

She placed her stuff down by the door.

"So, you ever had a job before?" I asked.

She shook her head and took her coat off, placing it beside her bag.

"Want me to show you around so you know where things are?" I asked her.

She nodded, still playing with the loose thread. I held open the door so she could leave first. I followed, leading her around the bookshop. I gave her a basic explanation of the way the books were sorting, telling her what the different sections were about.

To her credit, she listened intently, nodding to show she'd understood something. She coughed occasionally but suddenly burst into a violent fit of hacking coughs. She clutched at her chest, coughing into her hand.

I put my arm around her shoulder without thinking, supporting her in case she collapsed. When she recovered, a minute or so later, she straightened up, looking at me.

"I'm okay," she said, a little breathless.

"You sure?" I asked, knowing what she had wasn't just a little cough.

She nodded. "Thanks." She blushed, her skin turning a deep pink.

"It's not a problem," I said to her honestly, not fully realising that I still had my arm around her.

She glanced at my arm, then up at me, before shuffling away, embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry," I said, stepping back a stride or so.

She looked down at her shoes, her cheeks turning a darker pink.

"Best get to work then," I said before walking away, going around the bookshelves, making sure they were all still in the right place from the last time I'd checked. An hour ago.

Mollie went to stand behind the counter. She looked at everything, figuring out in her mind how things worked.

I had to admit it to myself, she was pretty. Very pretty, in fact. Her eyes lit up with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Her cheeks remained a very pale red, making her look happy. When she smiled, her whole face lit up.

After a while, a Fae walked in. I watched him cautiously. He didn't even seem to notice me.

 "How may I help you?" Mollie asked, sounding very professional.

"Books on Fae?" he asked.

"Over there," she replied, pointing to the correct section.

I smiled to myself; she was a quick learner.

The Fae turned to go over to the bookshelf, but hesitated, turning back to Mollie. My eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion.

"You're a pretty girl," he said, raising alarm bells in my mind. The bells became louder and faster as he reached out to touch her.

I shot over as fast as could seem humanly possible. I grabbed the Fae's wrist, holding him away from her.

"Don't," I warned him.

The Fae glared and walked away, striding over to the shelves that Mollie had directed him to. I went back to what I'd been doing, making sure to stay on the far side of the shop, where I had a clear view of him at all times.

I could see Mollie frowning slightly but she said nothing as she continued with what she'd been doing. Checking prices from the look of it.

I kept walking around, finding nothing wrong with the order of the books.

After a short while, the Fae went to pay for his book. His fingers brushed the back of Mollie's hand in a seemingly innocent touch though I could see the daze that she instantly fell under. The Fae began to pull her towards him for a kiss.

I dashed over, not caring that it was at supernatural speed; Mollie wasn't fully conscious and so wouldn't see it. I grabbed the Fae's arm, dragging him away from her. I let my eyes flash as I glared at him, alerting him as to what I was.

The End

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