Chapter 2.2Mature

I couldn't focus on work and Joe noticed. "Are you okay?" he asked as we walked away from the cafe. I shook my head hugging my stomach feeling the horrible guilt. Why had I said that to my father? I... I had been so cruel saying he'd failed. My father had done nothing but look after me since I was born even when John came along he still looked after me. Every grazed knee and elbow.

"I... I said a horrible thing to my father" I whispered.

"What did you say?"

"I said he failed at protecting me" I told Joe looking at him watching shock spread over his face. "But it was cause I was angry! I didn't mean it"

"You should apologize to him, Mollie" Joe said seriously. I looked down at my shoes both of us coming to a stop as we reached our turn off point. Joe suddenly gripped my chin tilting my face up. He thought about saying something then didn't rubbing his thumb across my cheek. 

I swallowed the lump in my throat looking at him properly. "Joe, what our you-" his lips suddenly came down on mine and I froze. His lips were soft and taste of the cinnamon coffee he had just had. He pulled back and watched me as I put my fingers to my lips stepping back.

He looked nervous. "Well?" he asks waiting for my reaction. I let my hand fall to my side and looked at him.

"You.... You kissed me" I got out to which he nodded confirming the confusion in my mind. "H-How long?"

"Since year nine" he said honestly. I remembered that year. How he had been taking the mickey out of my short height with my figure coming in. I'd never thought about it other than harmless teasing but now I thought about it. 

"Oh" I said flushing and starting to fiddle with my sleeve. "Is that why the strong reaction to....?"

"I don't want to lose you, Mollie" he said stepping up and holding my face between his hands. "I... I love you"

I shoved him back terrified feeling my body shake. He watched me pained. I turned and ran. Joe didn't come after me and I was glad cause I couldn't get very far till my lungs protested no further. I came to a stop leaning forward on my knees taking in deep ragged breaths.

I stood up and looked around finding myself stood next to a shop which I was very certain wasn't there the other day. I walked in and smelt paper and leather. Looking around I saw an array of old books that made my eyes widen. I started to search the selves coming to a stop when I found a selection on death. I picked a book suddenly off the shelf seeing 'Reapers' printed into the front. "Can I help you?" a voice asked causing me to spin round to find a guy stood behind me. His exotic green eyes shocked me. Its him. Its him. My mind screamed.

"N-No I'm fine" I stuttered watching him raise his eyebrow as he smiled. It drew my eyes back to his eyes. "Just looking"

I flushed watching as he came over to look at the books on the shelf I had been looking at. I felt a little embarrassed as he looked at the books about death. "Is there anything in particular you were looking for?"

"Not really but..." I say looking down at the book in my hands about reapers. I don't know why I wanted it but I did.


"Can I buy this?"

He raises his eyebrow at me like it was a silly question. It was a book store after all. "Of course"

"I don't have enough on me could you hold it for me?" I said to him which he nodded to. I handed it over our fingers brushing a shock of ice going up my arm. I yanked my hands back and the guy just walked off to the counter while I stared down at my fingers. I must be imagining it cause my fingers... they were see-through in the way I could see the wooden floor through them.

"You okay?" the man asked after my fingers had seemed to solidify again.

I dragged my eyes up to him. "Yes.... I'm fine"

 "Is there anything else I can do for you?" he asked after a moments pause. I shook my head. "You know, we have a job on offer."

"A job..." I mutter finding my mind swarm around the idea. I'd never had a job before. Maybe I could get one now. Try something new. Although I doubt anyone would be happy with the extra activities.

"If you wanted it" he told me with a shrug.



I bit my lip for a moment then said, "Yes then"

He smiled at me which strangely made my heart jump a little bit. "When can you start?"

"Tomorrow" I told him after a moment watching him grin again.

"Sounds good. What time?"

"I can get here for four thirty"

"See you then" he says with a nod. I flash him a smile then head out walking down the street. 

My phone buzzes in my pockets and I pull it out to find my father calling. I take a shaky breath and answer. "Hello?"

"Where are you?"

"I just got a job" I told him. My father was silent and I felt back. "Look, dad, I'm sorry and we will talk but-"

"I understand, darling" my father said softly. "Just get home soon okay"

He then hung up. I blinked and stared down at my phone for a few moment before shoving it into my pocket and hunching my shoulders against the wind.

The End

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