Chapter 2 (Mollie Verone)Mature

When we got home I ran up to my room despite the ache on my lungs the exercise created. I slammed my door hoping my mother heard the thud. Why can't she understand? Why?! I flopped back onto my bed and felt a cold air. I shivered glancing over at my window. It wasn't open which made me curious as the where the cold air had come from.

I felt eyes on me from the corner of the room and glanced over. It had been like this since I got into the ambulance the feeling that someone was watching me. "Who are you?" I whispered seeing a murky shadow which seemed to move when I asked. Moving to sit on the edge of my bed I stared over at the shadow.

It started to take a form. Green eyes. Oh those exotic green eyes. I had seen them somewhere before. I stood up and started walking towards the shadow.

"Who.... are you?" I whispered reaching out. Just before my fingers reached him though some flashed before my eyes sending a roll of sleep through my mind. I fell back and arms caught me.

"You aren't suppose to see me" he whispered almost worried as he lifted me up just as sleep consumed me or had I been asleep this whole time. The eyes though. I couldn't imagine those eyes. Why would I chose those eyes?

The eyes of a stranger. I heard my alarm going but ignored it. It kept going though till I grabbed my phone off the bedside table turning the alarm off. I flopped onto my back staring at the ceiling. I looked down at my clothes feeling a bit grimy since they were the ones from last night. Standing up I began to take my clothes off.

Suddenly I felt the heat of a gaze and yanked my clothes down looking to my door seeing it closed. I looked round the room and saw my curtains not closed. That must be it, I thought going over and yanking them shut before pulling off my clothes then wrapping a towel round my thin frame. I went down the hall to the bathroom cleaning the grime from my body. I looked at my arm where the needle had been put in a sigh.

Long sleeve it is. I slid out the shower yanking the towel round me quickly almost feeling a bit paranoid now that someone was watching. Looking at my reflection I was annoyed. I looked quite pale. I mean I'd never had a tan but now I did look almost simple white without any colour to my cheeks. 

"No" I said firmly to assure myself and I stood straight leaving the bathroom. I wasn't going to start being vain now not when my health was going to get worse and worse with each day.

Swallowing as I got to my room I got my school's long sleeve shirt then a blazer putting a pair of stockings and underwear with the clothes on my bed. I then focused on drying my ebony hair which fell like waves down my back. It always took ages to dry from the thickness of it. Once it was dry I got dressed quick and then headed downstairs to meet a gathering at the table of my mother and father.

"Sit down, Mollie" my father said softly.

My hands clenched into fists as I moved to take a seat on the opposite side of the table. "I'm going to school" I said firmly. "You can't stop me"

"But, Mollie, your health!" my mother wailed in protest. I looked at her the hurt face and tears slicing into me. I looked down but clenched my fists. I wasn't backing down this was my life. I wanted to live it.

"Me and your mother will not allow you to go to school" my father said trying to be firm. I got instantly to my feet and walked out going into the hall. "Mollie" my father warned having followed me. He watched me put on my shoes with a stormy expression. "You aren't leaving this house, young lady"

"Yes I am!" I said moving to the door. I tried to pull it open but my father put his hand on the door weighting his force against me. Anger boiled up in my veins and I turned on him. "I'm not some animal you can lock up!

My father look hurt by my words but shook it off. "We're trying to protect you!" he raged. "You need the therapy, Mollie!"

"Its my body and you can't tell me what to do with it" I yelled hitting him hard on the chest. My father moved back in shocked and then his face exploded with anger.

"And I'm your father! It's my job to protect you" 

I winced and tipped my chin up bravely. "It's too late for that. You failed" I said harshly. My father stumbled back looking incredibly hurt and I took my chance to race out onto the street. Once I reached the bus stop I felt.... terrible. I thought about texting my father and apologizing but quickly decided against it.

It was time to go to school.

The End

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