Chapter 1.3Mature

"Why didn't you call us?" Nat demanded as we sat down outside our usual little cafe two roads along from school.

I clutched my milkshake between my hands and nibbled on the straw. "I don't know" I whispered honestly. Joe had been silent all day and Nat had brought it up which is how we came to me telling them about my cancer.

Harriet sighed and pushed her chips around. "You've made me lose my appetite. I can't eat when you've just told me that" she says pushing the plate away. I looked at her feeling guilty knowing that only really bad news could stop Harriet from eating. She looked at me. "What? Look, this is bad news. Six months, Mollie! That's not long"

I looked down into my milkshake again. "I know"

"Does John know?" Nat asked.

"Of course he does. I can't keep something like this from my little brother" I say looking up at my friend again.

Nat sighed leaning back in his chair. "Poor kid" she muttered making me remember how John had cried so much. He was taking it hard and I felt so guilty about it. Nat looked at me and then leant forward. "I understand why you aren't taking the treatment but, Mollie, is it really the best idea? You have to think about the rest of us you know. You can't just leave us behind"

I felt anger swarm in me for a moment. Think about them? This was my life and if I didn't want to spend the rest of it bedridden then they should support me in that. I stood up. "I have to get home. My mum will be worried" I said and walked off.

"Mollie!" Nat yelled after me.

"Let her go" Joe said finally speaking for the first time since I told him the news. I looked down at my feet. Of course I felt guilty I was upsetting them but this was my body. My life. I was the one who was gonna have to deal with the pain. 

Having not looked where I was going I bumped into someone. "Ah! Sorry" I apologized looking up and meeting wild green eyes that made my breath catch. I was focused on them so much that I didn't hear what he said. "Huh?"

"I said its okay" he chuckled as I focused more on him as a whole then just his very alluring green eyes that kept pulling me in to the point I had to step back a little so at least I wasn't focusing so closely on them.

"Um, sorry" I repeat

He laughs again deep and spine tingling. "I repeat for a third time. Its okay" he winked causing my cheeks to pink. "A little lady like you should watch where she's going"

I frown at that still finding him amused but feeling a little insulted. "Little lady? I'm seventeen and not little" I say annoyed suddenly. He chuckles and it gets to me which just ignites my anger more. "Excuse me" I try to move pass him but he gets in the way. "I said excuse me"

"I know but we're still talking" he says quiet seriously.

"End of discussion now" 

Again I try to leave but this time he lets me. I reach the end of the street can't help but look back finding the man nowhere in sight. "Odd" I mutter remembering his wild and slightly unnaturally green eyes. Just thinking about them makes me a little dizzy but I shake my head and start to walk. As I walk I feel my lungs start to tighten.

No. No. No. Not now. I start to panic a little which is probably the worst thing to do. I cough comes throwing my body forward. I clutch at my lungs as I start to cough harder. I put a hand over my mouth and lean against the building next to me as the coughing keeps coming. 

"Are you okay?" a stranger asks as I keep coughing and blood starts to pool in my hand and trail down my arm. "Oh gosh" the women said quickly dialing an ambulance and trying to support me till the paramedics got there. "It's okay. It's okay"

It wasn't okay. My skull heard from the way my coughs flung it around and my lungs hurt so bad. The paramedics got there and started to ask questions.

"Cancer" I got out but didn't much hear what happened next as I was bundled into the ambulance a mask put over my head.

What a great day back at school huh? I can no way see my mum letting me go back. Not in a million years.

The End

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