Chapter 1 (Mollie Verone)Mature

When Mollie Verone finds out she had cancer she is lost beyond words. Only being seventeen she hadn't expected her world to suddenly come to a stop so soon.
Determined to live but denying chemo her only hope is from that of her reaper.

Only six month left to live the doctor had told me and my parents. They had burst out wailing crying at how cruel it was that their darling baby was going to be snatched away from them. All I could think of, and this is silly, was I going to lose my hair?

Don't ask me why I refused treatment I just did. I had six months left to live and I was gonna live them. I could tell from the look in the doctors eyes that he almost seemed to understand. From what I had understood from what he'd said as well was the treatment would be mostly a waste of time so what was the point in losing my hair to just die anyway. 

My parents weren't happy with my choice but it was my choice. When we got home they seemed to coddle me all that bit to much which annoyed my little brother. Eventually I got some peace and quiet when I went to bed.

Thud. Thud. I squeezed my eyes against the noise of someone knocking hoping they'd go away but they knocked again. "What?" I complained turning to watch the door as it swung open and my ten year old brother shuffled in. He looked like he'd been crying. I sat myself up. "What's wrong?"

"M-Mum s-said your g-gonna die" he said trying to not cry I could tell. My shoulders slumped and I felt furious at my mother.

I patted my bed. "Come here" I said watching him walk over. I lay back wrapping my arms round him. "I have cancer, John. You know what that is right"

"Yes but you're gonna fight it right?" he said his arms looping round me like he already knew my answer.

I took a shaky breath and stroked my brothers hair. "No... I'm not taking the treatment. I want to enjoy my last few months. I can't.... I know its silly but I don't want to lose my hair. I don't want to.... I don't want to just waste away in a hospital bed"

John let out a sob he'd been holding and buried his face in my side letting them all go. I held him tight squeezing my eyes shut wishing oh so much that this hadn't happened. Seventeen. I was only seventeen and in six months I was gonna die. I felt some tears finally slip down my cheeks. The ones that should have come when the doctor had told me the news. I buried my face in my brothers neck and felt him start to support me and I broke down. Sobs racked my body.

"I-I don't want to lose you, sis" John cried.

"Neither do I, John" I said furiously wiping away my tears and looking at my brother. "Neither do I"

His lower lip wobbled and I pulled him to me in a furiously tight hug. I held him all night barely getting a wink of sleep. I wanted to watch him. To take in the flop of his dirty blond hair and his sharp features properly. When it was morning we headed down stairs. I felt my lungs ache as breathlessness over came me and let out a horrible cough that cause me to lean forward. When the cough stopped I could see my brother looking up at me from the bottom of the stair with wide worried eyes.

"I'm find" I said coughing a little as I did hearing my voice come out hoarse. My brother frowned harder and I forced on a smiled pushing him towards the kitchen. The moment his back was turned I let the pain fall all over my face pushing it back hard when we came into the kitchen.

My mother forced a smile to me. "I-I'm making pancakes" she said worrying me a little. She never made pancakes. Although she had never been told that her daughter had six months left either.

"Thanks" I whispered sitting down at the island with my brother who had started to look worried again. "I...I wanna go to school"

The pan almost slipped out of my mothers fingers. "But your sick" she whispered continuing to make the pancakes.

"I want to go" I said more firmly causing my mother to look at me. The pain I saw in her eyes almost made me topple back out of my chair. I shook it off though and sat straight. "Please"

She winced and then slowly nodded giving me and John our pancakes before skittering out the room. Probably to talk to my father. "What if you get worse at school?" John asked as we headed upstairs having finished our pancakes. I stopped at my door and looked at him stood halfway into his room.

"Then I'll come home" I said forcing a smile before sliding into my room for an escape. Once I'd closed the door I side looking down at my hands which were shaking. I was a little scared about going to school. Who wouldn't be? It would be silly to not be scared.

Taking a few deep breaths I stood up straight and got myself ready for school.

The End

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