Making People HappyMature

     I live to see people happy, I crack jokes here and there seeing if I can at least get a smile. To make somebody else's day makes my day. I have made people go from having horrible days to having good days that won't be in there memories for long.

    People trust me and I love that but I have problems to and I would like to tell people about. Whenever I bring up anything about how I am sad people ignore me, like I don't have problems of my own. Thus I am like a journal; I don't talk back I listen and I don't judge because whoever gave a person the right to judge.

     From other peoples eyes I guess I just don't matter, and why should I, I have been a disgrace to my whole family and have been a jerk to people over the years. I guess this is what I deserve.

     I just got done making a joke and everybody laugh but I still sit here and remain with a dark core angry and depressed at the world and for what?

     To make people happy.

The End

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