Sitting Next to DeathMature

A girl facing/wanting to die.. I don't know yet I just write as I go...

Life is a pain and I can't take it anymore. Not being good at anything and having people treat you like shit is very mentally torturing. I want to set records, aim high, and make everyone and for once my mom proud, but nothing is that easy for me. I have the worst luck every and it seems nothing with change that; my dad had died leaving me without any chance to ever bond with him, no friends which means no one to talk to about anything so I stayed bottled up about a whole bunch of things, and my mom treats me like shit and all I have ever wanted is to be loved.

All this pain fills me and I cry a lot, but nobody knows because I cry in private not even my mom knows how much I cry. I feel like a whiny bitch but I am really nice to people but in return I get treated like shit. Everybody tells me everything because I have no one to tell anything to. I am somewhat of a journal, I know everyone's secrets. For example Anna was a in closet lesbian but she hadn't told anyone in fear of how this fucked up world would treat her.

The End

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