Alright. You're out of the meeting room. You hate that damn place. It's full of stuffy men in suits. And viejo de pinko. And prick number one.

But now you aren't in the meeting anymore. It's time to get busy. You begin to shuffle towards the bathroom, which you remember is right next to that vending machine with the tasty candy bar full of nuts. A strange thing to remember, but helpful in many circumstances.

The grey office lights above you illuminate a long hallway. The meeting room is at the end of the hallway, and random doors are scattered left and right along said hallway. As you stumble to the bathroom, you take note of each door and plaque.

D-6 : Meeting Room, D-5: Projector Room, A-17: Electrical Room, D-4: Break Room, D-3: Paper Room, D-2: Archives, A-16: Network Room, D-1: Spare Office, and then Bathroom. One for Men, one for Women. And hey, there's some stairs! You wonder where they lead, but it seems like going downstairs wouldn't solve anything.

You enter the bathroom and wash your face. Those damn sweats won't come back, and you'll make sure of it. But you'll need something else to take your mind off of that stupid merger. And the beavers. Oh god, the beavers.

What could you use...?

The End

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