That's fantastic.Mature

Now what? You possibly just ruined the entire company. The stock will plummet, you will be the first to be fired (and Jacob, the prick, will smile smugly) and god forbid you will have to move back in with your parents.

God no.

Papa never let up about those beavers he though were living in the backyard. A mama didn't make anything but meatloaf, but if you didn't eat it she'd weep and say she feels pathetic and then god-damnit you'll feel bad and papa will keep nattering on about the beavers.


Quickly. Rectify the situation. You can do it. C'mon.

"I would like to take full responsiblity of the terms of the merger and manage the entire section, if I may sir."

The old man looked pleasantly surprised. He's thinking about how you've never taken this much initiative before, and is excited that finally he can put your brilliant mind to good use.

"Of course Richard!"

Great, you certainly had a lot of work cut out for you, but you could do it. You can make this work.

"And I will assign Jacob as your assistant manager, since he did help draft the plan." The old man says with a smile.

God help you.

You briefly consider giving up, and then have a terrible flashback about beavers.

The End

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