Work with it...Mature

"Uh...yes, sir. Cabbages."

That damn old man won't stop staring at you. And now Jacob's giving you a weird look too. That guy didn't even wave back to you this morning. What a prick.

"I'm not certain I understand, Richard."

It's time to shine. Just go with it. Work with it. You can do this...

"Did you know that the Romans were quite confident in the healing abilities of cabbage? They thought that the vegetable was able to cure any kind of disease or illness, and in Roman mythology, the crop wass believed to have sprung from the tears of the Lycurgus, who was the 'King of the Edonians'.

The old man is back on staring protocol. You gotta make this work out...

"Even Emperor Claudius called his Senate to debate whether any other dish could top that of the highly popular 'Corned Beef and Cabbage'. The answer of course was no.

More silence. WORK WITH IT.

"Richard, I'd like you to be perfectly honest with me here. Are you okay? Did you have a long night? Because I'm not too certain what this has to do with our merge..."


"Well, you see, I'd also like to take the time to say that I myself and the majority of the medical community do not believe that cabbage is all that incredible, as it has not been scientifically proven that it cures disease. The Romans believed many things, and the Romans were great, but were all of their ideas so grand?"

Old guy has been shut up. You're on a roll. Keep going!

"The merge with Beeaca may seem incredible at the moment, and in some cases we could even say that the idea is a valiant idea for a comeback for our company, as our good friend and loyal employee Jacob has suggested. But should we trust Roman ideas because the Romans were the greatest, or should we make our own conclusions regardless of the Romans?"

"You're saying that we shouldn't go through with the merge?"

Yes. That is exactly what you are saying.

"Conceivably but not necessarily. I'm just saying that we should evaluate the plan before we go through with it."

There are murmurs from around the room. Even dumb little Jacob seems to think that what you said is good. It's probably fair to say that either that one Ancient Civilizations class from college or your 186 IQ helped. Either or.

"Thank you for your support and concern, but we've already gone through with it though, Rich."

Well sh*t.

The End

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