Uh... uh...Mature

"Cabbages, sir!"

Time seems to stop as everyone falls silent and goes still.

You twiddle you thumbs nervously as everybody silently turns their head and looks at you.

Ah. The old man is looking at you again.

"Cabbages, Richard?"

You pause.

Oh right. You said that aloud.

"Uhm... yes. Cabbages, sir."

The old man in pink squints, seemingly as if he cannot really tell if you are there or not. Geez, if he's that blind, he should invest in some spectacles or something. Granted, eye tests were expensive these days, and all the optometrists told you was to stay out of the sun, but hey, after all is said and done they know what their talking about and you have a great excuse to buy some cool looking shades.


Oh right, the old man. Still squinting. Maybe deaf too. Go on, repeat yourself.

The End

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