Unable to think smart-like, you answer in a panic.


The man in pink squints at you. You can tell he's judging you. But he's old, so you begin to feel a slight bit more comfortable.

"Yes, you think it's good?"

You don't like Jacob. He has a five o'clock shadow that makes him look like a hobo and just today he didn't say hello when you waved at him. What a prick.

"Absolutely, sir."

There are murmurs from around the room. The man in pink is still staring at you. What's this guy's deal? He must be old. Old people stare.

"You think we should merge with the Beeaca Corporation?"

Beeaca? No way. Those idiots couldn't merge in traffic if they had to. A merge with Beeaca is a death wish for the company. It's no wonder a dumb little twat like Jacob would go and think it up.

"Most certainly, sir."

There is silence. And then a couple nods from around the table. Fantastic. You got out of this mess. Now to go back to the name. Was it really Richard?

"Alright, Rich. I'm trusting you on this one."

That old man keeps calling you Richard. I guess that means you must be. Then again, the guy is pretty old. He's the kinda guy that would stare. Old people stare.

Wait a second, what did you just do?

You approved a merge with Beeaca? BEEACA?

Oh, you messed up big time on this one, sarge. BIG TIME. What can you say? It's not like you can take it back. Not with that old man watching you.

But how else can you stop this from happening? Oh god, they're approving it. Pinky the old man is entering it on the computer! SH*T! SH*T! BAIL OUT! BAIL OUT!


The End

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