Similarities In Opposition

A song I love made me want to write.. something.

And if it hurts this much

She hadn't been paying attention to the introduction of the song but at those words a soft smile took the place of the dark glare which had lay upon her face previously.

Then it must be love.

He only caught a glimpse of the smile but he had seen it as she dropped her gaze to the floor. He could still see it now in her crystal blue eyes. He didn't tell her enough how much he loved them.

Well it's a lottery
I can't wait to draw your name.

She could feel him watching her, his eyes piercing into her soul. She hated the way he stared... but she was okay with it now; with this song playing in the background.

Oh I'm trying to get to you
But time isn't on my side.

They always fought at night, he hated it. They would fight and then he would realise how dark it was... she would always have to spend the rest of the night comforting him. The sudden realisation dawned on him that she must really never sleep as his eyes darted around the room... it was too dark for his liking.

If the truth's the worst I could do
Then I guess that I have lied.

She knew she shouldn't have been so cruel, she was just tired and she wished she could tell him that it was his fault. That he was right, he did need to find a way to deal with it. But she couldn't for he had his own problems to worry about, she didn't need him worrying about her too. He already did, too much.

Keeping me awake
It's been like this now for days
My heart is out to sea
My head's all over the place.

Panic-struck, he realised further that she was struggling. It was his fault! If he wasn't so afraid, if he didn't keep her awake all night talking about nothing so he could sleep then maybe she wouldn't be so behind, maybe things would be okay and she wouldn't have to be so afraid. He began shuffling nervously and shaking his head. All his fault.

I'm losing sense of time
And everything tastes the same
I'll be home in a day
I fear that's a month too late

She smiled at the mention of home and even his fearful mood, she saw a small sense of calm adjusting his movements and a flicker of a smile to the edge of his lips. Home. She wished they could be home in a day for then, perhaps he would be happy...

That night, I slept
On your side of the bed
So it was ready when you got home
We're like noughts and
Crosses in that
Opposites always attract.

Their eyes had met, despair in his and love in hers.
She took his hand, whispering that everything would be okay. That she loved him. That she would always love him.
He looked into those big blue eyes and blushed as she spontaneously informed him that his eyes were beautiful. He squeezed her hand, telling her that he would never leave her, never let her go and never stop loving her.

Opposites always attract.

The End

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