Flavia: Painful

Every kiss between Witt and Rose felt like a wooden stake in my heart. But I knew it would hurt me more if I hurt him by killing or hurting Rose.

My head was that clear.

And painful.

Witt had made his decision, and I had to respect that. I left.

I didn't know how long I'd been running when I realised that it was no longer the wind whistling through my ears. I could hear another shrill sound from my left. And as I turned, mid dash, I saw a young girl on the floor, a man on top of her. She was screaming as he held her down.

I paused, my throat parched. A welcome oppertunity for a drink. I jumped on to the back of the man and pushed him away, spinning to face him as a snarl errupted behind me. For a second, I prepared myself for attack, but then I paused. he was a vampire. His dark eyes and fangs were visible in the dark and I could tell i'd interrupted a much needed feed. I turned smiling to the girl who looked scared and relieved.

"Th...th...thank you." I held out my hand and took it, pulling herself up.

"Are you ok?" I put my hands on either side of her head.

"Now....I am now." She stuttered.

"Good." I snapped her neck and she died, without even realising that she had. I tossed the body at the vampire and he fed suspiciously, watching me as he did so. When he had finished, he stood up, his back to me and cleaned his fangs.

"Who are you?" His voice slid out of his mouth, rich with his recent feed.

"Flavia Covas, Lamia. You?"

"Varian Knight, Lamia." He turned, his eyes down as he straightened out his shirt. I stepped up to him and handed him his Lamia ring which had flown on to the floor. His hand stretched out to mine and as he touched my skin it tingled. His head shot up and i was staring in to deep blue eyes.

And I was lost.

The End

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