Witt: Hypnosis

 I sit on the bed once the kiss ends and look up at Rose. "Is that it? We're gonna be a couple and just get on with life" I whisper feeling something clench around my heart. I watch her wipe away the remaining tears.

"I don't know," she murmured. "Fate seems to be forcing us to love each other"

And what do you want to do?” I whisper. “Do you want to be with me?”

"More than anything else in the world," she whispers, regarding me intensely. She closes the distance between us to take my hands in hers, so soft and light like feathers, and murmurs "I feel like I was born to love you."

I frown looking away. “If you want me I'll be there for you”

"You're going to try to resist this?" she asks in surprise. There is no hint of scorn in her voice as she says "I can't deny I admire you for that." She smiles to herself and I hear her next thought. 'I've taken quite a fancy to being influenced by that strong will of yours'

I look at her shocked then take her hands in mine. “Rose, I won't influence you unless its necessary. I need to adjust. I'd only got use to the idea of giving myself completely to Flavia. To now lose her.... it hurts me so much and I no longer know what I want”

"You could influence me to be less direct about my feelings," she mutters, pulling her hands out of mine. She turns around and stalks off. I get up and follow her.

Rose, please don't go” I say in pain.

She turns around, tears in her eyes. "Then stop it! Stop playing with my feelings. You know full well that I wouldn't love you this much if you hadn't just kissed me. You made me love you more. I don't get it! I don't get you. We could have just left this as us both being confused and upset but no, you decided that things had to be harder. Why did you kiss me? Why, Witt, why?"

I take her face in my hands and kiss her again. I hypnotically calm her thoughts and feelings knowing that doing this will also make her submissive. I pull away gasping. “Please, Rose. Just give me a chance to sort things out in my mind”

"Yes, master," she murmurs, completely under my spell. I could make her do anything.... anything I wanted. I find myself shivering from the desire and wanting in my thoughts. The wanting of her to be only mine, love only me and allow me to control her. I lean in and kiss her again forcing her mouth open to kiss her more passionately. I then find my lips moving along her jaw and down to her neck where I pause at a pulsing vein. I swallow fighting the thirst in my throat.

She somehow has sensed my thoughts. Maybe I've been projecting? "I'm only yours," she murmurs submissively. "I love only you. I give you my consent to control me."

And I can tell she really wants it underneath the trance too. I find my fangs growing out and one nips my bottom lip. I slowly sink my fangs into her pulsing vein. I find myself moaning cause the liquid is like starlight. Pure, bright, beautiful as it flows along my tongue and down my throat. "Hmm," she moans along with me. "Hmm, That's it, master," she murmurs. "I'm wholly yours."

The master thing freaks me out and I force her to call me by name mentally as I continue to drink. Why does she taste so good? "I love you, Witt," she tells me, and her desire leaks into her voice, though she is entranced. "I'm your slave, and I live to serve your purpose."

I sense she wishes she could say these things without being hypnotised. It startles me that she would be so compliant. I pull away healing her cut and stepping back taking her out of her trance

She blinks. And then stares at me. After about a minute of silent staring, she whispers "I would have meant every word of that." She straightens up. "I love you. And boy do I adore being overpowered by you." She leans closer, her breath tickling my face. "My will is yours, Witt. So take it."

I shake my head stepping away. “I won't take your free will” I say before reaching out and stroking her cheek. “Your free will makes you beautiful. I will only follow your orders for that is my purpose”

"I don't mind," she tells me, coming towards me. "I think you should have it." She leans in and kisses me behind my ear, licking the skin there delicately. "I know you find it sexy when I'm submissive"

For a second I actually consider it but realisation hits me and I shake my head pushing her back. “No, Rose. We can't have a relationship this way and I don't want to use you”

She leans back in, kissing hungrily down my neck. "You wouldn't be using me. I want to obey you. I want to submit to you”

I feel shocked and scared. I make her look into my eyes. “Rose, be you again” I say hypnotically.

"I am me," she says, gazing straight back into my eyes. She begins to caress me, evoking bliss from me. She moves to unbutton my shirt. I find myself shivering and wanting burns through my veins but I step back holding her away at arms length.

I think I-I should go for a while. At least until you've gotten of your..... uh.... high” I say with a wince. Its hard to think of myself as a drug but that's all I can see this obsession to be.

She falls onto her bed and rolls onto her front. "No!" she wails. "You can't leave me. My soul will tear if you leave"

I watch her in pain before lying down next to her and pulling her into my arms. “Please calm down though. I can't deal with you like this”

"Like this? But what have I done, Witt? All I wanted was to please you. Am I ... not good enough?"

No, no, Rose. I, uh, just forget it” I say with a sigh and burying my face in her neck.

"No. Everything you have to say is important. Please go on." She kisses my hair. I shake my head and kiss her neck softly.

"Okay then," she whispers, and I sense her dissatisfaction. I pull back and stroke her cheek. To most it will be a romantic gesture but as I do it her eyes flutter closed and she falls to sleep. In her sleep she snuggles up to me and I sigh just lying there next to her waiting for her to wake up.

The End

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