Witt: I love you, Flavia

"She's not gonna die" I growl. Flavia looks up at me perching in the window. I sit silent my eyes on Rose who seems to relax with my presence. I frown with a tilt of my head.

"Well, I'm actually not surprised you're here but she is gonna die, Witt. She's human, she knows, your mine and she's not gonna change that" Flavia fangs shoot out and she goes for Rose's neck.... but she doesn't get chance. I tackle her and pin her to the ground.

"Stop, Flavia. This isn't right" I growl. Flavia struggles beneath me but I hold her down firm.

"Why are you defending her? How is she so special?" Flavia growls. I feel like crying.

"Cause of the soul bond" I whisper. Flavia freezes. I cry shaking my head. "I'm so sorry, Flavia. I'm so so sorry"

"B-but...." Flavia stares wide eyes and turns to look at Rose, who remains sitting on the far end of the bed, growling. I stroke Flavia's cheek and kiss her forehead. "She's human though. Just a human"

"I know and I'm not in control of it.... I love you, Flavia but..... I can't change any of this" I whisper moving off her and going to stand in front of Rose looking away at the floor.

"What are you saying, Witt?" Flavia asks with a trembling voice.

"I don't think we can be together" I choke out looking at her with painful eyes. A couple of tears fall down my cheeks but they finish quickly. Flavia's eyes widen and suddenly she's gone. I slump to the floor next to Rose who crawls over and strokes my hair. "Get off me" I yank myself away from her reach.

"But your sad?" She whispers moving onto the floor to sit next to me. Her arms wrap round my waist and I eventually let my cheek rest on the top of her head. Oh, Flavia.... I love you so much.

I don't realise I'm using telepathy until I hear Flavia's own voice enter my mind. Protect her cause if I get the chance I will kill her to get you back.

The End

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